Studio Bank - Creator Spotlight: Debby Sapp

March 30, 2023

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Studio Bank - Creator Spotlight: Debby Sapp

Studio Bank member Debby Sapp has built her career on helping others build their businesses. Debby started in finance and has worked with some of Music City's legends, including Alan Jackson, George Jones, and Lee Greenwood. Today, she's a partner and CFO of DevDigital, a full-service software development firm in Nashville. But that's just one of many hats she wears.

Debby's role as CFO at DevDigital puts her in the driver's seat for the operations and growth of many, many businesses. Her broad experience is also leveraged through her role at DevDigital's VC investment subsidiary, Kernel Equity. Debby manages the finances of several Kernel Equity companies, and she has led exit transactions of equity companies.

Through her work, Debby consistently creates opportunity and value for growing companies. If you're looking for a local guru for entrepreneurship, finance, and growth strategies, you'll want to get in Debby's network. Be sure to find and connect with her on LinkedIn.

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March 30, 2023

great blog for sharing!

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