Useful Feedback for Your Web Designer

May 22, 2023

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Useful Feedback for Your Web Designer

Have you ever tried to carry on a conversation with someone who speaks another language from the one you speak? You try to say things slower, louder and use elaborate gestures in an attempt to convey your message. Sometimes there is a shred of comprehension, but most often, the two people speaking cannot find a common thread to understand each other's words.

Consider this scenario when two participants in a professional conversation try to navigate the terms of each other's industries but fall short with their observations or feedback. This very situation can occur when a business owner has engaged a company specializing in custom web design but may not have the expertise or feel comfortable communicating their feedback regarding the elements they need or require for their new website. This may seem like a daunting arena to maneuver through with your web design company, especially when you acquire that deer-in-the-headlights look at terms like UX/UI, responsive design, front-end development, and wireframe.

Let’s look at some approaches to engaging in a productive conversation with your web designer so your company’s website is created to your specifications.

Let’s Talk Websites!

When providing feedback to your website designer, it is essential to be clear, specific, and constructive. Here are some guidelines to follow:

Learn some website design terminology: You do not have to become an expert (that's why you searched for web designers near me), but by learning the most significant terms associated with your website's design, the conversations with your designer will help to simplify an explanation of the process. Knowing words like user experience (UX), user interface (UI), back-end development, and content management system (CMS) will help enormously when discussing the elements and creation process of your website.

Start with positive feedback: You do not need to feel disingenuous, but a little initial praise goes a long way in communicating initial thoughts about the website thus far. Begin by acknowledging the aspects of the website design that you appreciate, find successful, or convey visual appeal. This helps establish a positive tone and shows your website designer that you value their expertise and efforts.

Be specific: Instead of making general statements like “I don’t like the design” or “That is not what I wanted,” provide detailed feedback on particular elements. For example, you could say, “This color scheme is too dark and hides some of the elements I want to highlight,” or "My target audience is older adults, so I think a larger, more readable font size would be more beneficial for them." Bringing up specific points early in the design process allows for easier modifications than if discussed after the project is near completion.

Be constructive: Focus on providing suggestions and solutions rather than simply pointing out flaws. Instead of saying things like, “This doesn’t work,” or “I don’t like those colors,” offer alternative ideas or specific improvements that can be made. For example, you might suggest using a different color palette, placing an element in another location, or creating a dropdown list. Every web design company wants to produce an exceptional product and satisfy clients. Constructive feedback in an amiable conversation can set the tone for a successful partnership.

Consider your target audience: You know your customer better than anyone at the table. When giving feedback, keeping your target audience in mind is essential in helping the designer target elements for your company's demographics and existing customer base. If you believe the current mock-up of your website does not align with their preferences or needs, explain your reasoning to the website designer. This addition to your ongoing conversation will help your designer understand the purpose and context of the work they will be creating.

Prioritize usability: When meeting with your website design company and designer, emphasize the importance of the user experience and usability of the website. Identify any elements that might need to be clarified, easier to navigate, or detract from the overall functionality. Your feedback concerning this essential factor should aim to make the website more user-friendly and intuitive. This priority harkens back to the target audience and their ability to navigate the site easily.

Provide examples or references: In this visually-driven industry, it can be challenging to convey in conversation the elements you want to appear in the design. As a business owner, you have likely perused the websites of competitors. Note what features you like or elements you know work well for them. Share these examples with your website designer. If you have other ideas in mind, refer to websites that illustrate your preferences. This can help your designer better understand your vision and implement changes accordingly.

Be respectful and open to discussion: Maintaining a respectful and collaborative tone throughout the feedback process is essential. Acknowledge that website design can be aesthetically subjective but also highly technical. Different opinions and perspectives are bound to coexist. Be open to discussing the rationale behind your designer's choices and consider their professional expertise. You are both experts in your respective fields. A considerate conversation addressing any design issues or suggestions will produce positive results.

Encourage iterative improvements: It is helpful to remember that website design is often an iterative process. Encourage your designer to make revisions based on your feedback and to share updated versions for review. Knowing that your website can be adapted, adjusted, and revised because of collaborative and ongoing communication will lead to a better result.

By following these guidelines, you can provide valuable feedback that helps your website designer refine their work and create an outstanding website that aligns with your vision and objectives. When working with a custom web design company, asking the right questions and providing constructive feedback can help ensure clarity, alignment, and a successful outcome. Open and transparent communication with your website designer can pave the way for establishing your online presence to help your business thrive in a competitive marketplace.

Are you ready to create a website that reflects your vision and goals? Contact DevDigital’s custom web design team today to get started on your new website.

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