Why I Joined Forces With DevDigital

May 12, 2014

Posted by: John Maddox

Why I Joined Forces With DevDigital

After exiting my last company and starting Serious Startups, it has been my goal to leverage experienced gained as a serial entrepreneur in the traditional “interactive agency” space, and spark a revolution in the tech startup community.

So often, tech startup founders have a fantastic idea...but lack the design, development and marketing experience to raise capital or even successfully bootstrap a MVP (minimum viable product).

Simply put, I wanted to enable a solid team of designers, developers and marketing strategists the ability to join forces with startup founders, not as traditional vendors, but true partners with vested interest in the success of great ideas.

John Maddox is proud to partner with DevDigital


So why did I join forces with DevDigital?

When I met Peter Marcum and Mitch Ballard, the founders of DevDigital, it quickly became apparent our goals were the same, but they were much further down the road than I was! The more we have gotten to know each other, the greater my respect for what they have already achieved in business has grown, both with DevDigital and previous companies.

Those who I consider mentors have always told me there is nothing more important than carefully choosing who you work for, partner with, or join forces with in both life and business. Not just in short term monetary opportunity, but in the essence of character, business ethics and how they view the future.

From a pure business opportunity perspective, DevDigital has more bandwidth, larger client portfolio, and several missing pieces I was still putting together. The portfolio of equity plays already made with tech startups is larger than what I had put together. Kalatech being a fantastic example.

More importantly, we share the same vision of transforming the software development industry from being viewed as “order takers” to the truly visionary partners we already are, and as an industry aspire to be.

From a personal perspective, it just made sense. Sure as an entrepreneur it’s always fun to control every aspect of your company, and at the end of the day only answer to your clients. However, the hardest lesson I’ve ever had to learn is being willing to subjugate ones ego and accept your own strengths and weaknesses.

As a successful entrepreneur it wasn’t a decision I had to make or pressured into. Ultimately, the opportunity to achieve my goals both better and faster was staring me in the face. Some of my strengths are their weaknesses, and my weaknesses their strengths.

Joining forces is a win-win proposition. That is why I joined DevDigital.

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