10 Common Mistakes Companies Make With Mobile

June 19, 2017

Posted by: Gwen Gude

10 Common Mistakes Companies Make With Mobile

Although most businesses are aware of the importance of mastering the digital experience, many are still not achieving the results they desire. This article from Marketing Land outlines the 10 common mistakes companies make with mobile. Here is the recap:

1. Assuming your company needs a mobile app

2. Creating mobile and desktop experiences in silos

3. Lacking a data collection/aggregation plan

4. Treating mobile as a bolt onto the web experience

5. Assuming mobile advertising is like digital display advertising, but smaller

6. Viewing responsive design as the only solution

7. Including non-mobile-friendly content like PDFs and infographics in the experience

8. Forgetting that mobile means smartphones AND tablets

9. Mistaking "mobile-first" for "mobile at all costs"

10. Forgetting to localize mobile content, design and experiences.


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