Digitizing Customer Care

June 28, 2017

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Digitizing Customer Care

Digital solutions go far beyond a polished website - they impact the bottom line. The era of digitization offers new ways of operating that drastically impact brand loyalty. A recent study by McKinsey highlights the benefit of eCare solutions and conducted a survey to determine just how much these digital means are helping businesses retain their customers. 

Digital customer care ("eCare") responds to consumer demand for easily accessible, highly rewarding multichannel interactions. In one example of many, a leading mobile operator employed eCare initiatives to reduce their total call center volume by 20 percent in eight months. This not only lowered their costs significantly, but it also elevated their net promoter score. 

A single operator (in most instances) is able to interact with multiple consumers simultaneously. Not only is this time efficient, but it also has been shown to significantly influence the consumers' perceptions of the brand at hand. Methods like online chat, click-to-call, virtual assistants, and live FAQ's on social media have created a sense of immediacy and a deeper level of commitment to the consumer. 

With lower costs than traditional call centers, the digitization of the customer service experience also increases the likelihood of consumers advocating for brands. Once an issue is resolved and the consumer perceives the experience as positive, they are more likely to tell others about the brand than if they had not interacted with the digital customer care teams at all. 

Digital innovations within business operations impacts the bottom line and creates brand loyalists that are invaluable. 


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