3 Tips For Finding Great Blog Content

July 30, 2014

Posted by: Monica Selby

3 Tips For Finding Great Blog Content

We talked last week about the importance of content marketing, no matter what industry you’re in. Content marketing can attract an audience, and once you have an audience, promoting your business is that much easier.

“But,” you may be asking, “where is all this content coming from exactly?”

Chances are good if you aren’t a professional writer or English professor, writing loads of content to attract an audience isn’t top on your priority list. But, you can’t argue with the numbers. Inbound marketing efforts like content marketing produce 54% more leads than traditional outbound strategies.

One of the hardest things about writing is just getting started. It can seem impossible to come up with enough things to write about. Once you get started, though, you might be surprised at just how quickly you start generating ideas.

When you get stuck, consider these 3 tips for finding new ideas.

What do you believe about the world that no one else does?

Controversy sells. Always.

What’s going on in your industry that you disagree with? Write about the things you disagree and talk about why. Where do you see your industry growing in the next 5 years? Become a prophet in your field by regularly talking about the future.

Don’t think your industry is all that controversial? There has to be something you’re doing a little differently than your competition. Talk about why you and your company are different from everyone else, and why it matters to potential customers.

What do you know that potential customers don’t?

Whether you realize it or not, you’re an expert in your field. You know significantly more about your chosen business than 95% of your prospects.

Use that to your advantage. What might seem like basic advice to you could provide insight that radically changes how your customers behave.

For example, you might think an electrical contracting company wouldn’t have much to blog about. But, there are lots of ins and outs to electricity that people are interested in. DIY articles, tips on hiring contractors, and random facts on how electricity are just a few ideas to get started.

What are other people writing about?

Really stuck on what to write about? Try a Google search on some topics connected to your industry. You’ll be surprised at how much content is out there--and how little of it is any good.

Be careful not plagiarize, but spend some time reading headlines and other articles connected to your industry. You’ll definitely find ideas, and you might even uncover a little controversy to write about after all.

Content marketing may be the latest trend, but that doesn’t mean it’s always easy. When you’re feeling stuck, run through these 3 tips and watch the ideas flow.

Not sure where to start with content marketing? Our content strategist is always happy to help you find the strategy that works for you. Give us a call to set up an appointment.

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