Where to Find Great Business Ideas--Even When You Think You Can't

August 1, 2014

Posted by: Monica Selby

Where to Find Great Business Ideas--Even When You Think You Can't

Have you ever thought you’d like to be an entrepreneur, but you just can’t come up with the right idea? Maybe you’ve got an idea but aren’t sure if it’s viable. Or maybe you feel completely stuck, unable to come up with any idea at all.

The truth is, ideas aren’t the hard part. If you know where to look and start building your habits around ideas, you’ll soon find you have so many you can’t possibly keep up with them all. That’s always a good place to be!

Solve Your Own Problems

One of the easiest ways to come up with ideas is to solve your own problems. No one knows your business or your life better than you do. Think about the obstacles you face every day and how you already work around them. Is there a better, more efficient way? Chances are good if you have this problem, other people do too.

Intrapreneurship is perfect for these kinds of ideas. Many, many companies have been successful because the founders created an internal solution to a problem, then marketed that solution to other people in the industry.

Look Around You

If your life is currently perfect (lucky duck!), start looking around at others. What are people complaining about on social media? In the grocery store line? At the kids’ soccer game?

There are big and small problems that people face every day, and if you just start listening, chances are good you’ll hear one you know you can solve. Once you start solving people’s problems, building a business becomes less difficult.

Write It Down

Once you start solving your own problems and looking around you, you’ll almost certainly be flooded with ideas. Don’t fixate on the first one that comes to you! Ideas are like anything else. Practice makes perfect.

Instead of jumping into the first idea that pops up, write it down. And every other idea that comes to you, even if you think it’s stupid. Over time you’ll get better at discerning ideas that are feasible, and the practice of writing everything down will remind you to always be on the look out.

Talk About It

The last step in the idea phase is to talk about it. Find experts and potential customers who will give you feedback and help you refine your idea. Friends and family aren’t a bad place to start, but they’re a terrible place to end. Make sure you talk to both business experts and customers to get an accurate view of what it will take to build out your great new idea.

We love ideas at DevDigital! Give us a call and schedule a time to talk about your ideas and how tech can help solve your problems.

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