Best Conflict Solutions grows with SEO

August 24, 2020

Posted by: DevDigital

Best Conflict Solutions grows with SEO

Kimberly Best, owner of BEST Conflict Solutions, sat down to discuss the challenges of growing her business and working with the DevDigital SEO team. BEST Conflict Solutions has been with DevDigital for several years, and recently decided to add our SEO services to their website and marketing efforts. She shares how this helped boost their rankings on search engines, including their Google My Business page, adding an organization schema to their home page, and updated their title tags and meta descriptions throughout the site.

What sparked the idea to pursue DevDigital's SEO program?  I met Daniel McMahan about seven years ago at a networking event when DevDigital was first starting.  I asked him to help me create and host my first website.  Daniel was patient, creative, helpful, friendly, professional and most of all steadfast.  There is not one time in all these years that I’ve reached out to him and he’s not been promptly responsive and helped resolve my problem, no matter how small that problem is.  He introduced me to the SEO people and once again, I was very impressed.   I had no idea that my company was not showing up on searches for mediation.  My name had become my brand, which meant that new people looking for conflict help, or mediation couldn’t find my company when doing a google search. If they didn’t already know of me, I wouldn’t have the opportunity to help them with their problems.  

What ultimately made you decide to go with DevDigital when looking for SEO help?  I’d recently spoken with a marketing professional and one of the first things she noticed was that I needed SEO help.   Coincidentally, while pondering adding another task that I had no idea how to handle, Daniel reached out to me offering a conversation with your SEO department and particularly with Chelsie.  Because of the years I’ve worked with him, I trust to seriously consider any recommendation that comes from Daniel and DevDigital.

How has your experience been working with DevDigital?  I can best describe my experience with DevDigital as working with people who demonstrate a steadfast commitment to trust, professionalism, accountability, and responsiveness.  I can honestly say that I have never been let down, never disappointed by your company.   Even though my company is a party of one, I get treated like I am a very important client,  and that matters.

What are some lessons you learned along the way during the development process?  I knew absolutely nothing about SEO, yet I learned how what I didn’t know was affecting potential clients.  I learned I was working way harder than I likely needed to promote my website and my book.  I’ve also learned more about the sites that bring traffic.  Mostly, I’ve been reaffirmed that DevDigital is a trustworthy, caring, competent company that has my business’ best interest as a priority.

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