Client Spotlight - dropBy

August 28, 2020

Posted by: DevDigital

Client Spotlight - dropBy

What is dropBy?

dropBy, LLC is the brainchild of co-founders Alex, Hayleigh, and me (Gene). Our primary service is delivered by a software platform consisting of a website and an app designed to create connections between business owners and consumers. dropBy is for businesses having difficulty getting their message out, spending too much on marketing, having trouble creating and delivering promotions, and missing their target audience. Our platform is a simple, low-cost, flexible, and targeted marketing solution. In minutes, a business can sign into its account on the web and create and deliver its message to dropBy app users who are within 50 miles. Users of the app receive instant access via their mobile device to what is happening in their area (including exclusive dropBy discounts) and with a click are given driving directions to dropBy businesses.

iOS App

Android App

Want to develop your own mobile app?


How Does dropBy work?

Businesses sign-in, create a promotion, and go live. It’s that simple. In three easy steps, promotions are viewable in the live feeds of all dropBy app users nearby. And, as an additional reminder, when dropBy customers are within 200 yards of a dropBy business, a notification appears on their mobile devices. No competing messages from other brands. No time lag between creating and distributing. No per use fees. Unique content is targeted to consumers in the area and timed, so it can have the greatest potential impact on consumer spending.


How was your experience building the Phase One platform/product?

Our best decision to date is partnering with DevDigital to develop our website and apps. Melissa Hollis and Grant Owens are highly skilled professionals consistently exceeding our expectations. From defining the scope of the project to going live, they have flawlessly executed and managed our project. We couldn’t be more pleased.


Along the way we have learned a great deal!


Keep it simple:  When building our website and apps, we focused on the creation of a minimally viable product. There was a ruthless pursuit of the simple, intuitive, and reliable. The goal was to create a marketing solution with a clear focus – nothing beyond the essentials.


Stay Lean: We intentionally keep costs low. By keeping our fixed and ongoing expenses at a minimum, we will reach positive cash flow quickly.


80% is good enough: Perfection is overrated. We focus on good rather than great, avoiding the costly and time consuming trap of creating an opus. When we achieve 80%, we launch and improve as we go. We’ve found it’s often too labor intensive to get any process or product more than 80% right.


Fail Quickly: We maintain a rapid development/implementation cycle.  We move quickly through an innovation process that includes: brainstorming, solution generation, direction choice, execution, and evaluation. The goal is to discard quickly low yield activities while upgrading and implementing ones that have the highest potential return on investment.


Make it Meaningful and Fun: At dropBy we try to invest in each other and our customers. Success is defined as working well together and creating meaningful value for our business and app customers.

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