Client Spotlight: Knox Country Radio

August 3, 2020

Posted by: DevDigital

Client Spotlight: Knox Country Radio

             DevDigital recently launched the Knox Country Radio app for both iOS and Android, completing an app that has a ton of awesome features within it that is a must for anyone that's a fan of the country music genre.

             For starters, the app features the latest broadcast of the nationally syndicated radio show, Knox Country 360, that users can tune in and listen to wherever they're at with just a quick download of the app. 

             Additionally, the app also has a podcast section, where users can catch up on their favorite shows if they're not able to listen to them live, as well as a section dedicated to playlists that feature some of the biggest artists in the music world.

            DevDigital's latest launch of the Knox Country Radio app showcases its ability to handle complex integrations, such as MP3 file uploading modules, and its unique design efforts to help match exactly what a client like Knox Country Radio is looking for in terms of user experience and user interface.

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