Client Spotlight - LaborLinc

June 15, 2018

Posted by: Grant Owens

Client Spotlight - LaborLinc


What is LaborLinc?

LaborLinc is a better way to vertically integrate processes required while managing a part time workforce. For example, part-time employees no longer have to rely on post-it notes, text messages, or notebooks to keep up with their shift information. LaborLinc simplifies this process of managing part-time employees’ work to easily have access to this information in one organized place.


How Does LaborLinc work?

LaborLinc is user friendly because of its basic platform. The following outlines the functionality of the app.

  • Orders are created in LaborLinc and visible to both the clients and LaborLinc Admin through their portals.

  • LaborLinc sends employees invitations through the app, and the employees have the option to accept or decline each shift.  

  • Supervisors clock the hours worked during an event.

  • Hours worked and payroll info are tracked and visible in the app and portal.

  • Invoices are created and sent.

These five steps in the past have been performed using spreadsheets, email, text messaging and various software. This process included hours of data comparison since many different versions of the same order could exist. Now, there is one version in one place for all to see.


How was your experience building the Phase One platform/product?

Building Phase One platform was frustrating, slow and expensive. However, creating new things is not an easy task. The result was worth the effort and expense. We are happily working on Phase 2 and planning Phase 3. We have better insight into our own business’ needs and goals along with more realistic expectations and a desire to create a better product after working with the DevDigital team!


What are some lessons you learned along the way of developing your app?

An important lesson that we learned during the development of LaborLinc was that sometimes you don’t want what you ask for, but you don’t know it until you get it.  It’s important to be ready and to be willing for some back and forth during the development process.



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