Planning to Get Away?

June 5, 2018

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Planning to Get Away?

If you are planning to take some vacation time and travel in the United States or perhaps even abroad, the following apps will make your trip easier and allow you to have a stress-free, relaxing vacation.

1. Tripit

Tripit is an all-around great travel app that will help you stay organized and take the guesswork out of planning your own itinerary whether your travel plans take you across states or across countries. Travelers who fly frequently will find this app to be extremely helpful because it keeps all of your boarding passes, hotel reservations, car rentals, and restaurant reservations in one place to create a mastery itinerary for your trip. Another great feature of Tripit is that you can share your master itinerary with others who need to know when your flight departs and arrives and where you’re staying. This is all done automatically through the app, no copying or pasting or scanning through emails to forward information to your friends and family is required. When you’ve returned home from your travels and people ask you about your favorite spots, simply open the app, and you will find your master itinerary saved with all of the places you visited on your trip.  You can download Tripit for free or do a 30-Day free trial with TripitPro.

2. Roadside America

If you prefer taking a road trip over taking a flight, then this is the app for you! Roadside America uses your GPS location to map out all of the fun and quirky attractions along your route. You can search for attractions near your location, or you can search by theme categories because sometimes your favorite part of your trip could be waiting for you just off the beaten path! Part of the fun of taking a road trip is capturing amazing pictures to share on social media. With the Roadside America app, a “sunset alert” will let you know when that prime photo time is approaching for you to be sure to get that picture perfect shot in front of that unforgettable roadside attraction. You can download Roadside America for your iPhone in the Apple store.

3. Chefsfeed

One of the best parts of traveling is discovering different cultures through its foods and beverages. It’s very tempting to search the web for the “best burger in town” or the “best pizza near me” when trying to decide where to eat your next meal in an unfamiliar city. Instead of doing a simple search, why not get a restaurant recommendation from someone who knows food best? The Chefsfeed app provides users with the best dishes enjoyed by top chefs in the United States, London, and Canada. So, even if you’re not a foodie, you should check out the app to get some ideas where the local hotspots are for a delicious bite during your vacation. You can download this app for free for iPhone or Android.



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