DevDigital's Work Enables Automatic Billing For Smartphones

May 30, 2018

Posted by: DevDigital

DevDigital's Work Enables Automatic Billing For Smartphones

We were thrilled to work with Time Miner to launch their app that is revolutionizing the way professionals bill their clients for their time used with a smartphone to talk and to text. Before this app, professional would have to go through the time-consuming process of billing by making notes with pencil and paper, scrolling through phone records, and recalling phone conversations and text messages by memory to keep up with billable time.  Sean Martin and Pierce Schubert had a vision to create an app that is not only easy to use, but also functional for the users. We were honored to work with them to achieve their goal. It is no surprise to us at DevDigital that they were honored at the ABA Techshow in Chicago and voted as one of the top three legal technology startups!

Time Miner launches first of its kind mobile billing app built by Nashville Tech firm


DevDigital LLC announced today that their client, Time Miner, has launched a first of its kind mobile app designed for professionals who bill for their time and use their smartphones to talk and text with clients. Prior to the launch of the DevDigital-built Time Miner app, the only way to keep up with billable time on a smartphone was to make real-time notes, scroll through phone records at billing time, or try to recall the calls and texts with clients from memory. “We are excited to see Time Miner provide quantifiable value to busy professionals by using digital smartphone technology to remove inefficiency from the billing process. It is an honor to be the developers behind this app, says Peter Marcum, Co-Founder of DevDigital and Kernel Equity.

Time Miner was built with the user in mind. Professionals simply add their clients to Time Miner and then the app identifies the past calls and texts with those clients on demand. Time Miner also produces a report that sorts the data by client to include when the calls occurred, how long they lasted, and how much the call is worth, based on the professional’s hourly rate. “With Time Miner, it’s no longer necessary to track your billable time manually as you go, the app goes back and finds it all for you, whenever you’re ready,” says Pierce Schubert, Time Miner VP.

Whether you use Android or iPhone, Time Miner delivers value by providing transparency in billing by creating accurate, line item descriptions of the time spent communicating with clients. Time Miner fills a gap in the market and people are taking notice. Time Miner was selected to participate in the second-annual Startup Alley at the ABA TECHSHOW in Chicago earlier this year and was ultimately voted one of the top three legal technology startups at the show.

“It’s wonderful to be recognized,” Sean Martin, President of Time Miner noted. "There was definitely a learning curve for us to take our idea and turn it into a reality! We chose the DevDigital team because they took the time to create a dialogue that helped us drill down to the details of our vision. Our goal was to create a product that was easy as possible to use, without sacrificing functionality. It’s one thing to throw ideas up in the air, but another to actually take those ideas and turn them into a working product that addresses a real need. The communication between us and DevDigital is great and that’s the most important factor in keeping Time Miner moving forward."

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