Client Spotlight: RD Demos

May 19, 2020

Posted by: DevDigital

Client Spotlight: RD Demos

DevDigital is back with another client spotlight! This time, we're highlighting our clients at RD Demos

What is RD Demos?

RD Demos is a company that performs product demonstrations for food and beverage vendors within restaurant depot locations across the country. Executed by certified representatives, these demos allow new, and household brands alike, the opportunity for commercial outlets nationwide to try and buy their particular products.


What did DevDigital do with RD Demos?

We developed a robust platform used by employees, as well as vendors themselves, to schedule demos based on in-store conditional metrics. The platform also allows users to submit informational and photographic reports taken through an approval process, which sends out notifications to the appropriate party. Additionally, administrators of the platform can run complex billing and demo completion reports in minutes, saving them countless hours compared to their previous system.

We completed RD Demos’ foundational platform quickly and efficiently, and have continued to improve their platform by implementing functionality they had previously been requesting for years. This ongoing relationship has saved RD Demos frustration, time, and money.

We spoke to Kent Humphrey, Executive VP of In-Store Representatives, on his experience with DevDigital.


What ultimately made you decide to go with DevDigital when looking for potential developers?

After our initial meeting with (COO) Brittany (Wegusen) and (Senior Project Consultant) Daniel (McMahan), they were laser-focused on putting a plan together that would meet our needs and work within our budget. 


How was your experience building the platform/product and working with DevDigital?

The experience has been fantastic! The team at DevDigital are ultimate professionals, and have just been a pleasure to work with! We look forward to a long partnership with DevDigital.


What are some lessons you learned along the way while DevDigital was developing your platform?  

I've learned the phrase, "Talk to me like I'm a 5 year old!” But, in all seriousness, that phrase taught us to breakdown every aspect of what we were looking for in our website, and allowed DevDigital to dial in on building the platform that we needed while also adding features that took it to another level.

Interested in learning more about the work we did for RD Demos, and how we can help your business with similar work? Reach out to us here.


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