Client Spotlight – The Jason Foundation Uses Technology to Raise Awareness of Youth Suicide

April 24, 2022

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Client Spotlight – The Jason Foundation Uses Technology to Raise Awareness of Youth Suicide

Every week the United States loses an average of 125 young people to suicide. Of course, there are far more attempts each week. The Jason Foundation works to reduce those disheartening numbers through a combination of education and advocacy. To supplement their education programs they launched a mobile app called A Friend Asks but a technical problem ruined the app and the code. They needed an experienced mobile app developer to recreate the A Friend Asks. 


Founded in 1997 by Clark Flatt, The Jason Foundation provides education and information related to youth suicide. The Hendersonville, TN organization now has several programs, including the B1 Pledge, the Coaches Assistance Program (CAP), and their website, of course. The B1 pledge encourages young people to learn the warning signs of suicidal thoughts and to learn how to help a friend. The Coaches Assistance Program makes available information on suicide and prevention, to help coaches spot young people who may be in trouble. In addition to building and launching those programs, the Foundation decided to launch an app. 

In the 21st century, the best way to make information available to people when and where they need is probably to share it via a smartphone app. Many young people and most adults these days are serious about their smartphones. This Jason Foundation app provided information for young people who were personally struggling or knew someone who was. 

The Jason Foundation launched the A Friend Asks app and things were fine for a while. Then a technical problem crashed the app after several thousand downloads. The problem proved to be unfixable so, rather than abandon the app idea, The Jason Foundation went looking for a developer who could recreate it.  

DevDigital’s Mobile Application Development

DevDigital took on the task of recreating A Friend Asks in June 2021. They had a goal of delivering the new app in four weeks. The development team had to work from some screenshots of the app and some information from the Foundation as everything else was lost. That information was valuable because it eliminated most of the conversations about design and function that the project manager, Daniel McMahan, would ordinarily have had with the client. The team met achieved their goal and had an app ready to go live in July. 

About the New App

The revised app went live on Apple and Google Play on schedule. The apps offer the following: 

  • An emergency call button for individuals in crisis to reach a suicide prevention hotline or 911. 
  • Information on the warning signs of suicidal ideation.
  • Access to advice on how to help a friend.
  • Access to information on how to help yourself if you are in crisis.
  • Tips for what to do and what NOT to do.
  • Information on the B1 pledge. 

DevDigital is moving those sites to a new and more modern and efficient platform. Those sites promote various initiatives including the B1 Pledge, Guard Your Buddy, Coaches Assistance Program, and Tennessee Won’t Be Silent. The last project is a statewide suicide prevention campaign. Similar campaigns exist in other states as well. 

About DevDigital’s App Development Expertise

The Jason Foundation needed a quick reboot of their suicide prevention app so they came to DevDigital with screenshots and some supporting information on the old app’s functionality. DevDigital delivered a replicated Android and iOS app in one month. We have application development experience across multiple industries. Our dedicated developers and consultants are ready to help you with your next project! Contact us today for a free consultation.  

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