Demos’ Creates Digital Prep Sheets

December 27, 2016

Posted by: DevDigital

Demos’ Creates Digital Prep Sheets

Demos’ restaurants have been family-owned and operated since the first location opened in 1989. Today, there are six locations, including the Peter D’s restaurant. The Demos family values the overall dining experience and in order to provide even better service, they have worked with DevDigital to streamline their prep sheets from a pen and paper process to a digital system.

To ensure proper restaurant operations, Demos’ uses prep sheets to manage daily food operations at each restaurant. Each food item that is offered requires a certain amount of ingredients to be on hand at all times. To track information on the prep sheets, the Demos’ staff used to utilize pen and paper to track inventory, needs, operations and logistics. This process worked but often left room for human error. Peter Demos approached DevDigital to develop a digital solution to better manage their prep sheets. The digital prep sheets allow for complete accuracy, efficient reporting, and ease of use. The information is easily accessible by the right people whenever the information is needed. By digitally tracking the needs of the restaurant, the preparation process enables the restaurants to operate in the most efficient and cost-effective way possible. Efficiency eliminates waste and saves time for restaurants.

DevDigital is proud to work alongside the Demos family to create memorable dining experiences for all restaurant customers. To learn more about the Demos’ brand and to locate a restaurant near you, visit their website.

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