DevDigital looks back on forecasted E-Learning solutions growth

March 22, 2021

Posted by: DevDigital

DevDigital looks back on forecasted E-Learning solutions growth

In 2018, DevDigital wrote a blog about how eLearning Solutions are Exploding.


If there wasn’t a need for LMS systems prior to 2020, COVID-19 has certainly accelerated the need for online learning solutions.


Here are some of the predictions DevDigital made in 2018.


  • The Learning Management Systems (LMS) market will grow from $5.22 billion to $15.72 billion by 2021. This makes sense as more and more companies make the switch to tech learning solutions. (Source: MarketsandMarkets)
  • Online-only learners are projected to make up almost 25% of all students by 2020. (Source: LearningHouse)
  • 4.6 million college students are taking at least one of their courses online. In fact, this number is expected to grow as universities expand and take on larger student populations. (Source: CertifyMe)
  • And 3.4 million college students take all of their courses online. (Source: LearningHouse)


Fortune Business Insight projected the LMS market is expected to grow to $38.1 billion by 2027. It was valued at $8.76 billion in 2019. 

Fortune Business Insight also states that the COVID-19 pandemic caused more than 1.2 billion students in 186 countries to have their in-person learning affected by school closings. It’s almost certain that all of the numbers above that were projected have exponentially grown.


But it’s not just schools and universities that eLearning can make a difference in. LMS platforms are also great tools for onboarding new employees within organizations.


So, as we forecasted in our aforementioned blog, E-learning solutions are certainly growing as a platform and will continue to grow as we move forward into the future.


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