eLearning Solutions are Exploding

January 15, 2018

Posted by: DevDigital

eLearning Solutions are Exploding

Change is coming fast and furious within the online learning industry.

From cloud-based software adoption to video, tablets, and massive online courses, new eLearning innovations have been hard to keep up with.

Consider the following facts and statistic about eLearning:

  • The Learning Management Systems (LMS) market will grow from $5.22 billion to $15.72 billion by 2021. This makes sense as more and more companies make the switch to tech learning solutions. (Source: MarketsandMarkets)

  • Online-only learners are projected to make up almost 25% of all students by 2020. (Source: LearningHouse)

  • 4.6 million college students are taking at least one of their courses online. In fact, this number is expected to grow as universities expand and take on larger student populations. (Source: CertifyMe)

  • And 3.4 million college students take all of their courses online. (Source: LearningHouse)

DevDigital is proud to say that as a technology firm we saw these trends several years ago and decided to join the community of early adopters. Since then, we’ve supported the development of many private and public LMS platforms around the country. The demand for eLearning continues to grow today.

Recently, we were chosen as one of the top ten LMS developers by an industry magazine. The announcement will be out next month, and we are happy to share this recognition with our friends and associates.  You will hear more about this recognition next month.



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