DevDigital's Expertise Has Delivered Over 2500 Projects for Over 100 Clients

November 23, 2021

Posted by: DevDigital

DevDigital's Expertise Has Delivered Over 2500 Projects for Over 100 Clients

On all but the simplest of development projects, relationship management is at least as important as the technical aspects of project management. The best software development firms have a great model for relationship management to go along with their development and testing expertise. 

Following an in-depth discussion of what you want to achieve, we create a design and present it. Plenty of design firms can take some notes from a client and create a site that meets your technical needs. However, sometimes you may need a development firm with people who know how to do user research, conduct stakeholder interviews, and create a suitable design.

That mockup may be accepted as-is or revised. On approval, we create a static demo of the site to review with the client. Backend development is next. This is where hardcore programming and detailed project management happen. Most customers don’t care about development methodologies, so we mostly talk about relationship management with clients. We assume you care more about the work being done than whether an Agile PM approach was the right one.

Once the site is done and working from our perspective we submit it for review to what techies call User Acceptance Testing. These tests usually reveal a few minor issues, which we run through and fix. This is a bit like running through the punch list on a new home. Then we launch the site and turn over control to the client.

When your site goes live, you obviously can’t leave it alone. Software needs to be patched. New content needs to be added. Images need to be changed. No matter how good the site or development team is, something will inevitably break. It could be a page that goes offline, a video that suddenly won’t play, or a shopping cart that stops taking credit card information. You need to align yourself with a development team that will answer those calls when the time comes.

A good design and great content will only go so far. You also need to make your pages easy for search engines to find. This is where our SEO team goes to work, first by creating a strategy based on each client’s budget and goals. Once the strategy is approved, the team begins researching keywords, creating alt-tags, writing meta-descriptions, and more. Our project management team can provide ongoing support for both technical work, like site updates, and marketing work. Our SEO team can create a strategy for Google My Business and guest blogging to drive traffic to your site.

Our process for managing a business relationship works across all industries and development methodologies and project types. We have created custom learning management systems, Android and iOS applications, complex websites, and custom software. Our recent clients have been in healthcare, education, entertainment, hospitality, retail, and construction. We’ve also worked for some nonprofits.

DevDigital has delivered over 2,500 projects for over 100 clients, including small businesses, nonprofits, and large enterprises. We have taken on simple website redesigns, massive content migration, and enterprise software development efforts lasting for years. DevDigital is the tech partner who can help you bring your vision to impact!

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