Remote DevDigital Employees Experience Nashville

November 23, 2021

Posted by: DevDigital

Remote DevDigital Employees Experience Nashville

DevDigital is based in Nashville, TN but we have several employees located around the world. Two of our remote workers, project managers Ritesh Pancholi and Blake Conover came to Nashville earlier this month to meet some clients, share knowledge with the Nashville team, and engage in some team-building activities.

Ritesh Pancholi is a project manager based out of Toronto, Ontario who has been with DevDigital for nine years. He is from India and worked for us in our Vadodara, India office before moving to Saskatchewan and then to Ontario. While in Nashville, he met with some clients and took care of his normal project management work.

Ritesh loved the live music and the mild weather. Toronto got a little bit of snow just before he left for Nashville. He also tried out The Escape Game and found their room a challenge for two people. Ritesh was also surprised to find some great Indian food in the Music City. He enjoyed South Broadway as well.

Here was what Ritesh enjoyed most about his visit: "Visiting Nashville (again) was on my list for a long time! It was so great to meet all the colleagues in person and spend time to know everyone personally. I am so grateful for this visit. It allowed me to have the in-person experience to work from the DevDigital office! Nothing could be so exciting for me to be there in person for almost 2 weeks. Other than that, Nashville is a beautiful city, and hanging out with my colleagues come friends made a dream come true for me!"

Blake Conover is one of our SEO (search engine optimization) project managers. Her work focuses on preparing and executing search strategies that help customers find clients’ websites. Blake found time to meet with a few DevDigital SEO clients while taking care of some project management work.

Blake loved the diversity of people and cultures she encountered during her visit. After hours, the SEO team had a meeting and the November 11th Fall Open House. Blake and various team members also spent some time on South Broadway and over in East Nashville.

Blake was born in Las Vegas but now lives in the picturesque Idaho town of Post Falls, which is near Couer d’Alene. She has been with DevDigital for almost five months. If you need a website or if your site isn’t getting as much traffic as you want, contact us to see how we can help.

For Blake this experience was crucial to building relationships within the company. She had this to say about her experience: "It was such a privilege to be able to come to Nashville. To see the city and meet our clients face-to-face gave me a better perspective and a deeper understanding of why we do what we do. My favorite thing about Nashville, though, was spending time with my DevDigital teammates. Getting to really feel the heartbeat of the company, which is much more like a family, has made me feel so infused with the team and has elevated my passion and gratitude for being able to be part of something so special."

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