Digital Technology Is More Than Marketing

January 1, 2018

Posted by: DevDigital

Digital Technology Is More Than Marketing

When the word “Digital” is brought into a business discussion, it usually conjures up thoughts of marketing, e-commerce, and customer experiences.  However, there are much larger opportunities throughout the entire organization that can benefit from using the power of “digital optimization”.

Deloitte recently published their Tech Trends 2018 within their Insights magazine. Some key insights revealed in their article are the following:

“Though savvy organizations are approaching the digital mandate from a number of angles, one issue remains consistently important: the interconnectedness of front- and back-office systems. CIOs recognize that any effort to transform the front office won’t get far unless new digital systems have deep hooks into the core. These critical hooks make pricing, product availability, logistics, quality, financials, and other “heart of the business” information residing in the core available to sales and customer service operations.”

“Creating connective tissue between enterprise functions and the core represents progress, but in terms of opportunity, it only scratches the surface. Here in the midst of the digital revolution, the core’s full potential remains largely untapped. Why? Because thus far, few organizations have extended the digital mandate beyond customer-facing functions to the middle and back offices.”

“Expect this to change over the course of the next 18 to 24 months as CIOs, CFOs, and supply chain leaders begin developing new digital capabilities in their core systems.”

If you are interested in conducting an assessment of how digital technologies can do a lot more than marketing, please give us a call, and we’d be more than happy to answer all your questions.



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