DMVs Are Saving Resources By Going Digital

July 1, 2017

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DMVs Are Saving Resources By Going Digital

Most people don't understand the logistics involved in operating some of the most crucial services, businesses, and brands. The time, resources, and processes that keep operations running smooth are often overlooked until innovation occurs. Once customers experience a faster, enjoyable, and more efficient process, they will certainly take note. This article points out how DMVs are saving resources by going digital.

1. Methods of Communication

Many DMVs are changing the way they communicate with customers. Some departments are sending email reminders of renewals instead of hard copy reminders. Many departments are also exploring the possibilities of communicating via mobile phones. Not only can these messages be used to remind people about renewals, but it can direct them to links where they can complete renewals online--which would significantly reduce the costs and labor involved with in-person trips to the DMV.

2. Goodbye to Snail Mail

Snail mail is not only expensive (sometimes triple the cost of what it takes to send and monitor email reminders), but direct mail is also often overlooked. Direct methods of digital communication save resources, time, and money.

3. Utilizing Websites to Reduce Workload

By having a webpage that allows customers to submit renewals online, the workload of each department will be reduced. Lines will be kept short and the time it takes to manually process each renewal will be cut short, too. 

DMVs are realizing the power of utilizing digital innovations to change their processes. At the end of the day, the shifts in operation will positively impact their daily business.

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