Weekly Roundup: DevDigital is going out with a bang in 2017!

November 18, 2017

Posted by: Victoria Bustin

Weekly Roundup: DevDigital is going out with a bang in 2017!



Weekly Roundup: 3 Reasons Why DevDigital is Going Out with a Bang in 2017!


It's Weekly Roundup time! As always, we've got a million exciting things happening at DevDigital. The end of year is fast approaching and we've been launching a TON of custom websites for our clients to finish out 2017 with a bang. There's nothing like showing off a shiny new website or app at your Office Parties.



Obits on Demand 

OBITUARIES ON DEMAND!?! Yes, it's a thing! And yes, there's an app for that!

A 86 year old man, John Haswell, from Nashville, came up with an idea for an easier and more cost efficient method for obituaries. With a quick google search, he came across DevDigital and the rest was history. His mind set was making lives easier for seniors, and that he accomplished. With this app, you are able to create a personal and more in depth obituary than the generic, basic ones you see in the newspapers, that can cost up to $800. It will then take your personalized obituary and send it through social media to friends and family for just $1.99. With the senior market growing, DevDigital is open to helping more create “odd, but fresh” applications.



An equity partner of ours, MaxxContent is doing some BIG things! They are providing an interactive series for Returning Citizens. It allows them to access the tools they need to be successfully equipped as a returning citizen. This will allow them to watch videos and quiz themselves on things including life and trade Skills, GED and college courses. Here you can see things are moving along and videos are in the making in getting this ball rolling. This has been a project in the works for the past couple of years and all the brainstorming and hard work is coming into fruition and will continue to do so, impacting the minds and education of current and future inmates throughout the United States and eventually abroad. We are so proud to be a part of something that is so meaningful and influential on millions of inmates across the U.S.



Texas Lonestar Network 

We are in the creating business--web design, software development, mobile app development, social media marketing, It's what we do!!!! We take pride and joy in what we do. Click here to see one of many web launches of ours that have gone live this month. Go check it out for yourself. It won't disappoint. 

Be sure to give DevDigital a call at 615-257-1490 for any web or mobile design/marketing needs you may have! One of our project managers will be more than willing to assist you with any ideas, questions, concerns you may have. We are here for YOU!



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