Is Digital an Expense or an Investment?

November 20, 2017

Posted by: Peter Marcum

Is Digital an Expense or an Investment?

Interacting with customers, going to market, and carrying out operations is being transformed by digitization. Although the transformation is complex and time consuming, it is critical in giving businesses the potential to reinvent work and change the way they function fundamentally. There is great value in digital investment. A recent Forrester study reveals that a large percentage of executives believe that half of their revenue will be influence by digital by 2020. So, if you are moving slowly and cautiously in your  approach to digitization, you better believe that your competitors are not!


It is vital for a company to take an enterprise-wide view during the planning process to fully align their investments in their overall digital strategy. To insure that your company is getting a positive return on digital investment, digital ROI is implemented. The digital ROI framework is a holistic view that balances and measures digital investments across customers, employees, operations, safety and soundness, infrastructure, and disruption and innovation. Transitioning to digital requires that your company must transform and rethink how you conduct business, so it is important to include both leaders and employees to shape your digital strategy.


Our aim at DevDigital is to help you understand how your return on digital investments is much more than a pure expense. Let us help you get the most out of your investment in digital by ensuring it is designed to produce more for you and more importantly for your employees and customers. Your company or business will thrive and continue to thrive when investing digitally, and we will be there to support you along the way on this endeavor!



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