Looking Back on 2017 and Looking Ahead at 2018

November 20, 2017

Posted by: DevDigital

Looking Back on 2017 and Looking Ahead at 2018

2017 was an innovative and exciting year for the tech world. From Elon Musk’s ambitious plans to transform transportation with plans for a Hyperloop to autonomous cars becoming a reality with companies like Mercedes-Benz and Ford, the transportation sector will never be the same. Transportation was not the only area of innovation and excitement in 2017. With products like Alexa and Echo already household names, artificial intelligence was definitely on the rise in 2017 and will continue to soar in the coming years with companies like Google, Apple and Microsoft cornering this market.

With 2018 approaching, the tech world will be gearing up for yet another exciting and innovative year. A huge trend that continues to emerge in 2018 is the development of artificial intelligence (AI). Narrow AI, which involves a machine learning a specific task, is where the action is currently. Additionally, AI is taking over the app world and production of “intelligent things,” such as a self-directing vacuum or an autonomous farming vehicle. Digital Twins, Cloud to the Edge, Conversational Platforms, and Immersive Experience Technology are all strategic trends that will continue to grow in 2018 by continuing to focus on connecting the user or business to the technology. Overall, these trends will change and accelerate the pace of change in 2018.



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