How Do Your Digital Assets Express Moments of Thanks?

November 12, 2015

Posted by: Maggie Ashworth

How Do Your Digital Assets Express Moments of Thanks?

Digital assets include a lot of resources that convey messages and sentiments to the marketplace. But the one things that conveys an appreciation for users time is a well engineered experience.

Digital experiences are the driving force of engagement in today's marketplace and they happen moment by moment with little room for error. Google calls them "Moments of Intent" and just in the last couple of years most of these moments are happening on mobile devices. The meaning behind moments of intent include knowing what consumer want when they are searching for something—whether that is to buy, learn, go or do, and that something could be pointed to you have to offer, so you can thank them by saving them time by fulfilling their intents in the least amount of time.  It is that simple, yet that difficult as well.

Over 86% of the consumer moments of intent are intangible, so knowing how to create those intangible experiences is critical to success. The moment of thanks is when your digital assets enable the consumer to get what they want—and that is the moment to offer thanks. We've created a slideshow that attempts to explain it in more detail: click here to view. We hope you find it valuable!


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