The Entrepreneurial Mind Lands Weekly Feature in Forbes

October 26, 2015

Posted by: Maggie Ashworth

The Entrepreneurial Mind Lands Weekly Feature in Forbes

One of the key uses of digital assets is education, and DevDigital client The Entrepreneurial Mind is a key example of the value of digital content, but don’t just take our word for it—Forbes thinks so, too. Dr. Jeff Cornwall, CEO of The Entrepreneurial Mind, is now chronicling his entrepreneurial journey in weekly posts for Forbes.

Cornwell has already published three blog posts, Why Email Marketing Is More Effective Than Social Media, Why My Startup Has Already Pivoted (Twice), and How Much Does Professor of Entrepreneurship Know About Entrepreneurship? We're Going to Find Out.

Cornwall states that he plans to use this outlet on Forbes as "an opportunity to chronicle my newest entrepreneurial adventure," and that he will be sharing “the good the bad and the ugly,” as The Entrepreneurial Mind continues to grow.

If you are not familiar with The Entrepreneurial Mind, it is a groundbreaking digital resource that was founded by Dr. Cornwall, his wife Ann, his son Russ, and his daughter, Maggie. The sole mission of the business is to provide entrepreneurs and business owners with a community that offers the kind of support and knowledge that is needed for success.

It is a place where business owners can come for answers to questions, issues, and challenges they face everyday. This online community for entrepreneurs provides exclusive content, user forums, and a team of experts who want to share their wisdom with business owners. The Entrepreneurial Mind team has over three decades of experience educating entrepreneurs, as well as a lifetime of knowledge from starting, running, and growing a variety of businesses.

To learn more, visit and be sure to look out for Dr. Cornwall’s upcoming articles on Forbes!

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