How Long Does Mobile App Development Take

October 18, 2021

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How Long Does Mobile App Development Take

The time it takes for iOS and Android app development depends on several factors, mainly focused around the business need being satisfied by the app and the complexity of the coding it requires. Once a company decides to enter the app space by creating a free or paid app, a number of design decisions have to be made. Keep these issues in mind when contracting out iOS and Android app development in Nashville TN

Why is Mobile App Development Part of the Plan? 

Presumably, before design work even begins the business need has been defined. Once that is done, the business need has to be refined to create a set of requirements that can be coded. The more functionality, the more programming effort is likely to be involved. How much more will have to be determined by an experienced IT project manager, probably in consultation with developers.  

What Will It Look Like? 

Before proceeding with iOS and Android app development in Nashville TN you want to consider how complex the visual design needs to be. A simple design may be easier to create, but that basic look might not be appropriate for your intended users. You need something with complicated visual elements, some with buttons or fields to complete, some without those elements. That will obviously take extra time.  

How Long Does Coding Take? 

Coding the app and testing will take anywhere from a few weeks six months. Experts say that four to six months is common. Again, the answer partly depends on the complexity of the design. The more elaborate the design and the more functions the app performs, the longer it will take. Coding and testing experience can streamline the process. 

The technical part of making an app is the main thing that determines build time, but not the only thing. As with any project, stakeholders have some influence on the design. When questions arise, they may be quick to respond and decisive. Some stakeholders may slow the process by asking for changes to the app while it is under development.  

Other projects may take time away from development. In other words, your app may need three months of full-time effort by two developers, but all of the developers have other obligations. They begin work right away, but the application is delivered in five months because of the added work.  

Finally, user acceptance testing cannot be neglected. Once a working design is ready, it needs a little testing. At this point, you shouldn’t be making any substantive changes to the app, but it might need some tweaking. Any iOS and android app development in Nashville TN will take extra time for this.  

App Development Times Depend on Numerous Variables

The functionality of an app, how complex it is, might be the most important variable in app development but other factors are important too. The complexity of the visual design, stakeholder management, and competing project priorities all influence development time. However, the more experienced software companies in Nashville will be able to trim some development time but to create a great mobile app still takes several months.

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