SEO Explains Why Content is King

October 18, 2021

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SEO Explains Why Content is King

Any business gains some benefit from good SEO content, but for most businesses optimized and fresh content is a must. Good and updated content enhances your reputation. Quality content establishes your credibility and skillset while also making it easier for Web searchers to find your business. Search engine rankings depend on a variety of factors, but regular site updates matter. Blogging is popular for this reason.  

Content Enhances Your Reputation

What do you think of when you discover a company’s blog was last updated in June of 2018? This may not be a huge issue for everyone, but to some visitors it can damage your credibility. In a field where change is always happening, a site cannot get old. Someone needs to add SEO content and update old content.  

The issue here is not just with old blog posts. Old page content can tarnish an image as well. If you launched a new product or service a year ago, you might want to remove or revise content that makes the launch seem like breaking news. A Web site that looks like someone designed it by themselves about a decade may undermine your credibility. 

Content Builds Your Credibility

In all technical or professional fields, potential clients want to learn things while they also evaluate the trustworthiness of your company. Free information that answers common questions, evaluates a recent issue in the field, or teaches a lesson helps establish a site as expert and trustworthy. For example, a law firm might offer a free guide to estate planning. A landscaping firm might offer a guide to water conservation or native plants. Search engines also love up-to-date content.  

Offering new and original content also offers a way to position your company as specialists who have knowledge not readily available elsewhere. This helps by making your company look more valuable as a potential partner. This unique content can also be a perfect way to support your positioning. If you position your company as the area’s top experts in “green” home remodeling, your content needs to be unique and better than what the competition offers.  

Search Engines Love Fresh Content

Google will never tell you how they rank a site based on the age of the content, but it does seem to matter. Blog posts, new pages, and new updates all signal a company that is staying on top of developments in their business and trying to share information. Regardless of the logic in the search algorithm, new content helps your site rank higher. Trivial site changes will not help. You can’t change the tone of a page and keep the content the same.  

Your sites frequent updates and additions help with search engine traffic in another way. The content gives you more opportunities to appear on search engine results pages (SERPs). The logic is simply that having several pages or blog posts that address a topic from different angles, get you more chances to be seen. Good SEO content is new, and valuable.  

Content Marketing is a SEO Necessity

Of all the steps you can take to make your site easy to find, and easy to trust, content marketing is an important SEO strategy. Unique, updated content builds your reputation and establishes credibility. Old content might hurt both your reputation and your search engine ranking.

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