Make Users (and Google) Fall in Love With Your Content

February 1, 2022

Posted by: DevDigital

Make Users (and Google) Fall in Love With Your Content

Valentine’s Day is near and love is in the air. Something that always proven true is Google is still every bit in love with content marketing as it was three years ago. 

Content that converts is not unlike cupid’s arrow. You’re scrolling along looking at a website and BAM! Out of nowhere you see something that peaks your interest and makes you fully engage. Capturing a user’s attention is key to content marketing. Which in turn is key to any effective SEO strategy. 

But what is content marketing? And How Do I Play Cupid?

Content marketing is a set way of writing content that not only attracts users that see your content, but also gets Google’s attention to make you show up on search results. Let me tell you, Google loves content! Content marketing is a form of SEO that includes various keywords that are strategically placed to drive users to your site. However, it is not enough to just lead users to your site. This is where the branding part of content marketing comes in and it is now up to you to keep the user engaged.

Let’s break it down

SEO Content Marketing

So how do you make Google fall in love with your content? Obviously, an SEO agency is the best way to ensure that your content is helping you attract new users, however there are plenty of things you can do yourself to get the best first impression with Google. 

First things first, start at the top. Google crawls your page very similar to how your average users scrolls through your page. They start at the top with your Title Tag and work their way down your page to your H tags, your inline content, and then to the next page in navigation. 

As you work your way down the page you should have a set list of keywords that you implement within all areas of content. Here are some little known tips to knowing what catches Google’s eye and will get you in front of search results. 

Here is our check checklist to make Google fall in love with your content at first sight:

  • Keep word count the forefront of your mind - Google recommends having at least 600-1000 words per page on your site for best SEO results. 
  • Page Title Tags - Do your title tags accurately describe what your page is about? Are there keywords implemented? 
  • H1 Tags - As you do yourself when you skim over a site Google next looks at your heading tags. These are typically the biggest piece of text on your site. If you do not have keywords in your heading tags then you are definitely leaving the dance early. 
  • Interior content - Did you know that keywords should be placed within the first 150 words of the content on your page? This is the equivalent of showing up to your date on time vs an hour late. Make sure your content is right on time. 

Ok, We have Google’s attention. What do we do to keep user’s attention?

Here is some quick tips to convert that first impression into a lead:

  • Clearly defined navigation - Is it easy for users to quickly define what page they will be able to find the information they are looking for. 
  • Announce the purpose of the page early - Find that marriage of marketing and SEO and incorporate your keywords while still keeping your Htags relevant and attention-grabbing. 
  • Mix up some of the content with images - Images are great for SEO and branding. It breaks up the content to help users stay engaged without having to sift through too much text. 
  • Break your content into different sections on your page - keep in mind you keep your users attention for only a few sections at a time. Breaking up the content helps ensure you have plenty of content on your site to keep Google happy while not losing users once they reach your site. 
  • Stay on brand - Don’t mix your messaging throughout your site and confuse your users. Know your audience and who you are trying to attract and go after them!

The biggest take away when you are writing content for your website is to not forget that both SEO and marketing and branding are equally important to achieving great content. While performing impactful and intentional keyword research is not as easy as it sounds, a small amount of keyword research knowledge can go a long way. If you still seem lost DevDigital is here to help! To get started on converting some of your lost leads into sales contact us today!

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