Top Factors to Consider When Choosing an SEO Company in Nashville

February 14, 2022

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Top Factors to Consider When Choosing an SEO Company in Nashville

Mentioning that Nashville has grown tremendously in the last few years might garner some sighs, a couple of eyerolls, and a few enthusiastic nods. It can be difficult to keep up with all the changes like new buildings added to the skyline and jokes about the state bird now being the “crane”. The business landscape has evolved bringing in major corporations, restaurants featuring numerous cuisines, and a range of entrepreneurial start-ups competing with the foundation of commerce that truly makes Nashville the “It City”.

Although exciting, for this marked growth in a crowded, highly competitive environment to be a shared success, businesses must create and maintain a targeted marketing strategy to make their products and services stand out.

A necessary course of action to launch this plan is to choose an SEO company that can effectively propel your brand to the next level. Let’s break down this ubiquitous acronym.

Search Engine Optimization.

Who Googles you?  

When a word like Google becomes a verb in our vernacular seemingly overnight all businesses must know this is the place to start. But how do you choose the right Nashville company to capitalize on this intensive marking power?

Do Your Homework on Who is Playing on the Playground

You’ve already Googled this, haven’t you? You might be overwhelmed, but that’s not a bad thing. Nashville businesses are thriving, so it only makes sense that there are numerous SEO companies driving part of their success. There are a few critical things to consider when perusing this list.   

You have a distinct advantage when choosing a Nashville-based SEO company- you can visit them.  Collecting information about them on their website is the obvious place to start, but a face-to-face meeting on their home turf can turn the tide in your decision-making process. Their working environment will be on display allowing you to gauge their personality and climate.

Any SEO company can be welcoming and seem knowledgeable and efficient, but their internal processes can be a determining factor in your selection. Ask for what a detailed strategy might look like and identify each component from brainstorming to implementation. Will you be paired with a dedicated project manager who will oversee all tasks as well keeping you informed and on track? And what about reporting?  Ask about the availability of reporting to gauge the effectiveness of your strategy.

Amid the nuts and bolts of the business process questions, it is important to assess their knowledge about your industry. Are they up-to-date on trends and projections? Are they visionary about how to implement marketing strategies that will impact your visibility and growth?

Any Unicorns Out There?

You are a Nashville business in a sea of Nashville businesses. Ask how well they know their city and all the players- old, new, and expected to arrive. What makes a Nashville SEO company a perfect match for your business when the list of national competitors is huge? Do they know what it means to be a Nashvillian- running a business, raising a family, and contributing to a community in what is perceived as the “It City”?

What’s the Word on the Street?

Remember that old adage about word of mouth is one of the best forms of advertising? The concept hasn’t changed, but the platforms have. Inquire about their reputation. When meeting with a potential SEO company for your business ask to read case studies and reviews. Peruse their website and social media accounts as well as other informational websites and media. These can provide a wealth of information about your candidate’s position in the SEO landscape.

Ask for client references with whom you may speak. Inquire about their effectiveness and customer service. Are plans adhered to and deadlines met? Is the SEO team including your project manager readily available and prompt with communication? Inquire about problem-solving skills. How does this company react to and solve issues that may arise during a campaign? The results of these important conversations will help you recognize the viability of a specific SEO company as a marketing partner.   

There is a laundry list of factors to consider when vetting potential SEO company candidates but just start with some initial, albeit obvious questions. You know your business better than anyone and you know what you value in partners as you collaborate to build brand awareness and increase sales. Nashville might be that “It City”, but the right SEO company will make you the “It Business”. 

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