Alex Dolezal: The Heartbeat of DevDigital

February 11, 2022

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Alex Dolezal: The Heartbeat of DevDigital

In this week’s employee spotlight, we will be giving you front row access to one of DevDigital’s most talented and dedicated team members, Alex Dolezal. If you have ever stepped off the elevator and into the DevDigital office, you have probably been greeted by our quirky executive assistant with the million-dollar smile. This week, we are getting to know the man behind the smile and showing the world why Alex Dolezal is the heartbeat of DevDigital.

How It All started

Hailing from Cincinnati, Ohio, Alex has been part of the DevDigital team for five years. Little did he know when he arrived at the company’s 2017 Christmas party that he would be working at DevDigital less than a month later. That night, DevDigital founder Peter Marcum noticed something special about Alex and offered him a job right on the spot.  Alex quickly accepted, and we have benefited from his can-do attitude every day since.

You see, Alex keeps everyone smiling and laughing with his hilarious one-liners, infectious smile, and willingness to do any task. A born team player, he is quick to help when a team member needs anything from a special cable to a hot coffee and wears multiple hats within the organization. On any given day you could see him playing accountant, client relations representative, or even party planning extraordinaire. And we cannot forget about everything he does to make sure that each team member feels incredibly special and spoiled on their birthday and work anniversary. Alex works extremely hard behind the scenes to ensure that DevDigital runs efficiently and successfully. We are so lucky to have such a caring and amazing person on our team.

Getting to Know Alex

Alex received his Bachelor of Business Administration in 2016 from Nashville’s own Belmont University. He is an incredibly talented musical comedian and composer. Alex has several creative ventures outside of DevDigital, but his most notable projects include The Fly By Night Show, The Bengal Boys, and most recently landing the role of Musical Director for Third Coast Comedy Club.

The Fly By Night Show

It is hard to have a case of the Mondays with Alex around. He is constantly smiling and always spreading his good vibes around the office. One of the wittiest people we know, he is quick to provide commentary that leaves us in stitches. In his free time, Alex likes to light up the stage with his side-splitting sketch comedy show, The Fly By Night Show, written and performed by himself and his roommate Ayden.

The Bengal Boys

Along with his comedy show, he also is the co-creator of “The Bengal Boys”, a musical parody on all major social media platforms dedicated to supporting his hometown football team, the Cincinnati Bengals. If you ask Alex, this is the act that showcases his creative talents the most.

The Bengal Boys have a passion for their team and it shows in their series of hilarious parodies, such as “Bury Them Trey Hendrickson”, “Maniac Zac Taylor”, “Run With Joe Mixon”, “Seven and Five”, and so many more. Their channel has gained so much popularity that as the Bengals were approaching their first playoff game in 30 years, Cincinnati’s local tv station, WKRC, featured them in a news segment to help get the fans get in the spirit.

Third Coast Comedy Club

Alex’s most recent achievement lies in his acceptance for the Musical Director role at Third Coast Comedy Club in Nashville. Third Coast Comedy Club is the only comedy club in Nashville dedicated to improv comedy with shows every week. The club casts talent from all over the country and serves as a home to local comics. Alex recently accepted the role here and has plans to grow the musical comedy space for Third Coast Comedy Club to provide another form of entertainment to the Nashville area.

Alex’s Impact on DevDigital

Alex has had a tremendous impact on DevDigital since day one. His work ethic and cheery disposition brighten the days of our staff and clients alike. Fellow teammate, Blake Conover, says, “Alex is a big part of the culture here at DevDigital. Always eager to jump in and assist with tasks of every size, he epitomizes service with a smile. He also possesses the rare ability to make everyone feel like they’re a close friend, whether they’ve known him for 5 years or 5 minutes. I know we would all be at a loss without him.”

To say we are honored to have Alex on our team is an understatement. We know that his contributions to our company go beyond lunches, coffees, and office supplies. Alex plays a crucial role in the morale and culture of DevDigital. He has the uncanny ability to keep all of us smiling and laughing even on the most difficult of days. For all these reasons, and so many more, Alex Dolezal is the heartbeat of DevDigital.


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