Love at first sight: Why a call to action is important for digital marketing

February 11, 2022

Posted by: DevDigital

Love at first sight: Why a call to action is important for digital marketing

It’s that time of year when we are reminded that love is in the air. You can practically smell the sweet scent of long-stemmed red roses and boxes of luscious chocolates that symbolize our desire for love at first sight and an instant fairy tale romance.

Are you buying this?

Or more importantly, are your customers buying this?

The success of your business is not a fairy tale and requires the reality of a targeted digital marketing strategy to drive engagement and convert leads into sales. A call to action component of digital marketing is essential to increase revenue, and if your website is failing to utilize this easy tool then you are most assuredly missing out on paying customers.

Call to Action Means to Powerfully Persuade

How many times have we heard the phrase “the power of words”? Not enough times if you aren’t projecting that power into your website content alerting potential customers that there is an urgent need and value for them to engage with your products or services.  They must be drawn in and convinced that their engagement with your website will elicit a direct benefit.

Call to Action Techniques to Employ

You have your vision. You have your products or services. You have your team. Now, you need kickstart your power of persuasion. What do you want your customers to do? Do you want them to click, submit, call, answer, or contact? Identify your request boldly with color and graphics so customers are alerted immediately how to navigate the website to receive a valuable return.

It is necessary to use clear and concise language. You don’t want to lose potential customers with murky directions or with too much content. Strong, imperative call to action verbs are the simplest yet most powerful arrow on Cupid’s digital marketing bow.

What Your Customers Immediately See

The placement of your call to action is just as important as actually having one -or more- for customers to use. Attention spans seem to grow shorter with each passing day and you don’t want to risk losing the attention of customers by placing your call to action in only one location on your site or not having them be quickly identifiable.  

You have finite seconds to capture someone glancing at your website so don’t waste precious time hoping your customers will scroll down to a call to action, or worse, forcing them to hunt for what they need. You got them looking at your business. Now captivate them to take their interest in that important step forward with effective placement of your call to action.

A Call to Action is not Like a Box of Chocolates

because your customer should know what they are going to get. Choose your words carefully so they aren’t left guessing. Will they get a free consultation or a weekly newsletter? Do you want them to fill out a survey or call to book an appointment?  Don’t be coy or mysterious. Make a direct appeal that propels a customer beyond just momentary browsing to specifically addressing your call to action and eventually deciding to purchase your products or services.

Love at first sight in the world of a digital marketing call to action is a carefully-wielded persuasive tool to engage potential customers to be attracted to your call’s directions. You command their attention with strong, clear language that invites and engages them to learn about your business and become convinced to make worthy connections and purchases. These new customers then value your business and give new meaning to love at first sight.

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