How Mobile is Ruling the Web

September 30, 2015

Posted by: Peter Minor

How Mobile is Ruling the Web

The evolution of electronic devices has a longstanding history, and it’s hard to believe we’ve gone from huge desktop computers to lightweight laptops, tablets, basic mobile phones to smart phones. While these devices may have first appeared to be basic conveniences, but the benefits have become relied upon; especially while we're on the go. Mobile devices are no longer simply tools used to make phone calls, or reply to a few emails. Smartphone users of today view these devices as their lifeline to their professional and personal lives.

Google recently released a study titled “Micro-Moments: Your Guide to Winning the Shift to Mobile.” This study shows that68% of smart phone users check their phones within 15 minutes of waking up in the morning, and 30% admit that not having their phone within an arm’s length actually causes anxiety. The truth is, mobile devices have completely transformed our lifestyles: providing instant communication—allowing users to quickly check in with friends or family, finding on the spot answers looking up businesses on-the-go, even reminders of what we need to be doing, and when. As part of this transformation, it only makes sense for businesses to cater to the modern generation by having a mobile friendly and responsive web presence.

According to Google’s study, “mobile search behavior is a good reflection of our growing reliance: in many countries, including the U.S., more searches take place on mobile devices than on computers.” Smartphone users depend on their devices for all of their needs. Think about it—the world is literally at our fingertips. From the click of a button, or a simple swipe, one can improve productivity, order dinner, find a date, and receive health and diet needs.

 Today, marketers have determined that availability for consumers is imperative, and the most common approach for this is via the mobile market—a place where there are billions of micro-moments happening every day. If this is a strategy that you have not yet applied to your own target market, you should. 

When someone picks up their mobile device, they are looking for immediacy. Whether they are searching for a store, downloading music, contacting a merchant, or looking for an event to attend. Whether consumers are searching for educational information, activities, products, or feedback, they expect to find the answers as soon as they search for them. This need for instant gratification often trumps the desire for a specific brand—the deciding factor is not simply who is providing this service, information, or product, but who is providing what I need right now.

In order to grasp a target market and their needs, businesses need to provide seamless mobile experiences that not only provide what they want, but when they want it. This means having an attractive, functional mobile-friendly website where the content is readable, the images are viewable, and captures the users attention quickly, before they move on to a competitor.

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*Statistics and graphics via Google’s Micro-Moments Study 

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