Why Businesses Are Approaching Social Media the Wrong Way

September 29, 2015

Posted by: Maggie Ashworth

Why Businesses Are Approaching Social Media the Wrong Way

The purpose of social networks is to do just that—allow social interaction within our networks. And when it comes to using social media for businesses, I can’t help but notice that so many companies seem to be taking the wrong approach.

As a business, it’s important to make sure that your social presence represents your relationship with your consumers. It is a human tool that should be used for human interaction (that sounds like it is coming from a human). But nowadays, there are so many corporations that simply approach social platforms as a means for shameless self-promotion. This is not exactly riveting content.

If you want to use social media to capture your audience’s attention (and you absolutely should), I strongly suggest that approach your posts with consideration of your readers. Just because you’re using a digital tool to relay the information doesn’t mean it has to sound digital. Use your own voice, and the image of your company to convey the information that your clients are interested in. By speaking like yourself (while staying consistent with your brand), you can create relationships of meaningful value, not just for the sole purpose of making sales. And chances are, that if you put an end to the “Buy This!” and “You Need That!” posts, your audience will start paying attention.

Every company, in every industry has information beyond their typical sales pitches that are worth sharing. Maybe a hardworking employee received a well deserved promotion, maybe you’re have a company holiday party and you want to spread the word with your audience, or maybe your team just completed an amazing product launch that everyone is incredibly proud of. This is what you need to be sharing! This is the information that catches attention—this is the kind of content that you should be posting. Because let’s face it, how much interaction have you really gotten from all of those stale sales-pitch posts?

Social Media Examiner suggests “humanizing your posts” by using everyday language, engaging in conversation, and developing a unique voice. By following these tips you not only establish a strong sense of branding for your company, but you also gain the trust of your network. If your social media followers begin to see value in the content that you’re posting, they will continue to read what you have to say—and those conversations can easily transform into business connections.

As with anything in life, relationship building and engagement takes time and effort, and practice makes perfect. The good news is that should you choose to make your content more personal, there are dozens of online tools that allow you to see which posts are receiving the most attention, clicks and shares. If the posts that show pictures of your office, your team, and your clients are getting the most attention, stick with that! If you’re selling a tangible product, such as apparel or jewelry, go beyond the norm of simply posting product pictures—show the process and the behind the scenes moments. I bet you’ll be surprised with positive feedback.

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