How to Get Free Tech Consulting--And a Potential Partner

September 8, 2014

Posted by: Grant Owens

How to Get Free Tech Consulting--And a Potential Partner

Are you an industry expert with a great idea for solving a common problem?

Then you probably know how expensive it can be to develop technology within your non-tech company. And, you’ve probably been burned by vendors who didn’t understand your vision or charged you too much for shoddy work.

We know your pain!

No Strings Attached Tech Consulting

In fact, we know it so well, we’re offering free consulting for business leaders who have identified a problem and the potential solution. Email info@devdigital or call (615) 257-1491 for more information.

“Why are we doing this?” you ask.

-Simply put, at DevDigital we believe in partnerships. The best business solutions often come from experts in the field, men and women like you who have built your careers in a particular industry.

We may never even know a problem exists, but if you’ve figured out how to solve it, we can help with the tech aspect.

But we don’t have to.

Our no-strings consulting is truly that-- no-strings. We believe conversations about problems and potential solutions are a great way to build relationships. We can help you think through some of the technical aspects of your solution and offer advice on the best ways to move forward.

If you choose to partner, with DevDigital as a result of the consultation, awesome! If not, we’ll be happy to have met you and helped you think through your tech problems.

The Details

Because we love great business solutions, we set aside time every month to consult with 8 business leaders. Each person or group gets 2 hours, and we come back with a top level execution strategy.

If you choose to work with DevDigital, we’ll have already laid the groundwork for a great relationship. If you take our plan to another company (or use it to build your own solution), we’ll still be happy to have helped.

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