International Women’s Day Part 4 – Sales, Revenue, Operations

March 8, 2022

Posted by: DevDigital

International Women’s Day Part 4 – Sales, Revenue, Operations

This International Women’s Day post focuses on women in the Nashville office who help keep things running, including projects, finance, and the behind-the-scenes operations that keep clients and employees happy.  


Danielle Lemons – PMO Manager (2 years) 


As sweet as I am sour, I am a mom to four children and an army veteran, who specialized in explosive ordnance disposal. I take my precision and tactical skills and put an explosive spin on all projects. I started in IT channel distribution and from there went into web and software development. Growing up in generation where computers were new, the internet was new, I have always considered tech an interesting subject.  


Brittany Wegusen – Partner & Chief Operations Officer (11 years) 


I am originally from Columbus, Ohio and moved to Nashville in 2010.  I graduated from Miami University with a Marketing major and Gerontology minor. I spends her free time with her hiking, traveling, trying new restaurants, and frequenting the Nashville Zoo and Cheekwood with my husband Bobby and five-year-old son, Ethan. Additionally I volunteer my time with various organizations, especially the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. I have been “obsessed with technology” since I can remember starting with my first Nintendo game. One of my favorite things is being the liaison between the client and the programmers to make their vision come to life while keeping the projects on time and under budget.  There is nothing more satisfying than creating something that saves companies time allowing them to focus on more important aspects to their business or to increase clients’ quality of life. 


Amanda Medina – Chief Revenue Officer (3 years) 


I began my career in events and hospitality in 2013 and quickly climbed the ladder to running a variety of restaurants from small, family owned diners to multi-million dollar 750-seat restaurants and music festivals. I came to DevDigital after discovering my passion for growing and developing people and teams, identifying and mitigating inefficiencies, and fostering company culture during aggressive growth periods. My path to technology was a very unconventional one but am very thankful that my abilities were recognized to elevate me to the next stage of my career. 


Debby Sapp -- Vice President of Finance (9 years) 


I have been doing accounting since I was 17 years old and learned to do a lot of financials while in college. I worked for a corporate headquarters for auto parts and then worked for a business manager in the music industry doing accounting. I love producing financials! “There is nothing like seeing what your company has worked so hard for in black and white.” I didn’t necessarily seek out a job in tech, but I see it as the best career decision for my sons and me.  


Natalie Deidiker – Senior Project Manager (under 1 year) 

I am proud to call Nashville home and I am an avid fan of the Nashville Predators and Tennessee Titans as well as an attendee at plays at the Tennessee Performing Arts Center. I have my master's in business management, and I have been in the technical project management side for some time I have been in the SAP project management world for over eight years prior to joining DevDigital. 


Kimberly Smith – Chief Business Development Officer (2 years) 


I am a graduate of Trevecca Nazarene University with a double major in psychology and marketing, and a minor in business administration. I am a seasoned entrepreneur-minded professional taking personal and professional interests and applying them to my everyday life is a passion to create better business opportunities for growth in companies and I believe tech is the future of any organization wishing to scale up in success.  



DevDigital is committed to celebrating all women in tech as we participate in International Women’s Day. Check out our series of blog posts and if you are curious about building your business with an expertly created website or app then contact DevDigital now. Set up an appointment to find out how we can bring more awareness to your business and help you achieve your goals.   

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