What International Women's Day Means to Our Team in the COE

March 8, 2022

Posted by: DevDigital

What International Women's Day Means to Our Team in the COE

March 8th, International Women’s Day, is here again, and it is time to carefully think about women’s lives in the world today. This day is dedicated to acknowledging women’s achievements and pushing for equality across the world. While the day conveys the theme of equality and female empowerment, the way it's recognized and celebrated over the world varies from country to country. The day is devoted honor the accomplishment of women across different fields and pushing for gender equality. Women’s Day is celebrated globally, highlighting the struggles and success of women. 


Women's Day is observed in a variety of ways worldwide. Women are a precious part of society, they are the key to preserving the human race and in today's world, the importance of women in society is beyond any suspicion.


Women in India engaged in a variety of activities as part of their daily lives. Women makeup about half of the workforce in this country since they are responsible for their homes, families, jobs, and so on. 


Women in technology are celebrated at DevDigital. In terms of advancement and equality, women have gone a long way, particularly in the workplace. Women from various technological domains are active, including search engine optimization (SEO), website development, design, quality assurance (QA), and so on. DevDigital offers advanced-level certifications and further coaching as needed to help employees develop their careers. 


DevDigital provides a better and safe future for female employees. DevDigital provides excellent support for women so that they can balance job and family life. During the pandemic, working from home in the last two years has made women’s lives easy at work and family both ways.  


DevDigital assists women with balancing family, childcare, and their career. Working women are a vital component of our workforce, and they are expected to perform admirably in all aspects of their lives, striking a balance between work and family obligations. Women are valued by DevDigital because they play numerous roles: daughter, parent, spouse, caregiver, and employee. Women are not required to work after normal working hours and are free to return home on time. They can manage their time in a way that allows them to focus on their work and their families. 


As we all know, Women's Day is here, thus DevDigital celebrated female strength last week with a stunning professional photo and video session. DevDigital will mark Women's Day this year, as it does every year, by providing each woman employee a gift voucher and a special lunch treat. 


DevDigital appreciate women's contributions and want to show them how important they are in today's society. Let us honor women's achievements on International Women's Day.

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