Leveraging Google Services to Advance Your Nonprofit’s Mission

April 24, 2022

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Leveraging Google Services to Advance Your Nonprofit’s Mission

Most charities in the United States qualify for some of the free services that Google offers to nonprofit organizations. The most famous and potentially valuable of those services is a $10,000 monthly grant to run Google Search Ads through Google Adwords. Google provides several tools that nonprofit organizations can use with video marketing, mapping, collaboration, and productivity tools. However, no organization can access any of those tools until they are verified.  How can you get verified? We are glad you asked!

Google for Nonprofits Verification

Only verified nonprofits can access Google’s nonprofit resources. The first step is to register with a well-known nonprofit provider of technology and services called TechSoup. This is the only organization that can vet a nonprofit on Google’s behalf. Of course, your organization also needs to be registered as a 501c3 charity and in good standing. Google says the verification process can take up to 14 calendar days, so consider that when figuring out how to use Google’s services in upcoming advocacy efforts, marketing efforts, or fundraisers. 

There are some additional conditions and limitations to the program. If you are a government entity, a hospital or healthcare organization, or a charity registered under an umbrella organization, you will not be able to use Google for Nonprofits. Google serves educational institutions through a separate Education program. 

Google Ad Grants

This is the most famous of Google’s nonprofit services, by far. Any qualified nonprofit accepted into the Google for Nonprofits program is eligible to apply for $10,000 a month to spend on text ads promoting your organization, raising money, or advocating for something. However, you need to complete an additional verification process. The steps are:

To apply for and activate a Google Ad Grants account follow these steps:

  • Once approved for Google for Nonprofits go to your account. 
  • Click Activate under Google Ad Grants and complete the application. 
  • Review your application and click Activate to submit your information.

Verification should take less than three calendar days. That’s three days on top of the time it takes for TechSoup to verify your organization. 

Targeting those ads can be much more difficult than writing them. Yet, knowing how to target the right keywords for your mission or fundraising objective is not easy. Optimizing your Google ads takes some knowledge of search engine optimization (SEO) techniques too. 

Video Hosting and Video Marketing

Some people probably aren’t aware that Google owns YouTube. Any nonprofit that produces videos for education or advocacy can raise its profile by posting its content on YouTube, which has a nonprofit program. Registered nonprofits can use their YouTube channels to raise money through YouTube Giving. Anyone new to video creation or needing a refresher will also like their Creator Academy, which offers lessons on optimizing videos and growing an audience. 

Maps and Satellite Images

Google Maps and Google Earth have thousands of uses in the business world, and probably as many in the nonprofit world. Geography matters to many, many organizations that work in conservation, economic development, and more. Google offers credits for their Google Maps Platform to organizations accepted into their nonprofit program. A creative nonprofit marketer may come up with ideas that go beyond pinning services or community resources on a map.

Office Productivity and Collaboration

Google also offers access to their suite of collaboration and productivity tools. Google Workspace for Nonprofits includes email using the organization’s domain ( for example), Meet, Drive, Docs, cloud storage, and the Google Calendar. Those new to Google’s products will appreciate the Quick Start guide for nonprofit users. They have various business plans available at a deep discount, plus the free nonprofit Workspace for Nonprofits. 

Get the Most Out of Google with our Digital Marketing Professionals

Google offers a wide variety of marketing and productivity resources to verified nonprofits. If your organization qualifies for it, the $10,000 Google ad grant might be the most important of those offerings. To make the most of these services, your organization might want some expert help with digital marketing – advertising can be a challenge and so can operating on Google’s Cloud. If your organization needs experts in digital marketing, website, or app development, contact us today so we can discuss your project.

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