Plan View Pro Goes Live

September 26, 2016

Posted by: DevDigital

Plan View Pro Goes Live

DevDigital’s client, Chris Turner, has created Plan View Pro, a complete roofing system estimating software. The software eases the otherwise arduous estimating process by providing a newer and more efficient method. The ‘click and trace’ system eliminates the old way of estimating that would require calculations, paper, pencils and scales. Plan View Pro utilizes technology to offer users an easy, efficient and clear way to maximize their efforts.

Plan View Pro can be used to estimate rafters, hips and valleys, ridges, decking, felt, nails singles, gutters, laminated ridge beams, and more. Since the system is digital, it eliminates waste and keeps everything organized in one central place. The software saves users time and also money on the materials that they would normally buy to aid in the estimating process.

In order to help users transition into a new way of estimating, Plan View Pro offers two different plans for users to practice using the system. The system itself is easy to use, but the additional option of practicing allows users to increase their speed. Additionally, the site features tutorial videos on how to use the system. The two practice plans and tutorial videos are available online.

Chris Turner has substantial experience in using the “old way” of estimating. Turner created Plan View Pro from an expert’s perspective and trusted DevDigital to help him build this innovative software system.

To learn more about Plan View Pro, visit their new website at

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