The Case for Mobile First

August 21, 2014

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Posted by: Grant Owens

The Case for Mobile First

For years enterprise companies have developed software for desktop use first. If they had any mobile app, it was an afterthought or nice addition. Few--if any--companies developed enterprise mobile apps first.

That trend is rapidly changing.

The Pew Research Institute has found that 90% of American adults have a smartphone. It is estimated that there are now more smartphones in the world than there are people.

With that many smartphones in the world, it’s time for enterprise companies to hop on the mobile-first bandwagon.

Bring Your Own Device

From startups to established corporations, the practice of allowing employees to use their personal smartphones for work is growing. It allows companies to save money, while offering employees the flexibility they need to work in the global market.

The prevalence of smartphones in business means that employees need to access your enterprise software from anywhere, not just their desk or laptop.

Building mobile first allows you to create a great experience for your enterprise clients where they are (on their phones).

Customers Are Used to Apps

In today’s smartphone atmosphere, customers use apps constantly. They manage email, news, documents, and calendars from apps on their smartphones.

As an enterprise company, you can’t afford to miss out on the app routine. Everyone has the routine they go through when they unlock their smartphone for the day. If you want to grow your enterprise software company, it’s essential that you become a part of that daily routine, an opportunity you’ll miss if you don’t focus on mobile development.

Do It With Style

Mobile apps are essential to an enterprise company’s strategy, but they can’t just be poorly designed and clunky.

Mobile-first companies have beautiful, intuitive apps that are easy to use. If your app doesn’t make sense within the first 30 seconds of opening it up, the user will abandon it (and you). The quickest way to kill your software is to make it hard for employees to adopt.

Not sure where to start when developing your mobile-first enterprise company? Here at DevDigital, we’re experts in mobile development and enterprise software. Give us a call, and we’ll talk about the options.

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