Why Twitter Works for B2B Companies, Too

August 25, 2014

Posted by: Grant Owens

Why Twitter Works for B2B Companies, Too

At one point it seemed like Twitter was the domain of celebrities and techies, a place to follow news and keep up with friends. Even after it became obvious that Twitter could be a powerful marketing tool, it was mostly used by consumer brands to reach their customers.


What many may not realize is that Twitter can also be a huge asset to the growing B2B company.


Last year, Twitter conducted a study on the benefits B2B companies see when marketing on their platform. Here are some of the findings:


1. Tweets increase traffic.

If you tweet, they will come. If a Twitter user sees a tweet from your brand, they are more likely to visit your site. In fact, Twitter user visit B2B sites at a higher rate (59%) than the average Internet user (40%).

2. Tweets increase awareness.

A Twitter user who sees a tweet from your brand is more likely to search for your brand later. In fact, there’s a 150% increase between Twitter users searching for B2B brands and the average Internet user doing the same.

3. Tweets increase conversions.

The most important metric in business: revenue.

Tweets don’t just drive traffic and the ephemeral “awareness.” They also drive conversions. According to the study, Twitter drives quality leads to your site at double the rate as the average Internet search.

Considering the popularity of the consumer-facing Twitter, you would think it would be more valuable for consumer-facing companies. However, business decision makers are on the platform constantly, and the more your brand can get in front of them, the more growth you will see.

Now that we’ve covered the why of Twitter marketing, we’ll talk in the next few weeks about the how.

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