The Demand for Certain Job Skills are Shifting

April 7, 2016

Posted by: Kelsey Kinsel

The Demand for Certain Job Skills are Shifting

According to the World Economic Forum, there will be a shift in the top job skills through the year 2020. This shift is brought about by technological influences and the increased demand for innovation across industries. As the tech industry rapidly grows and technological advancements abound, skill sets including creativity will become more valuable and desired. While creativity is already proven to be a desired skill set, it is projected to jump in rank from 10th to 3rd on the World Economic Forum’s list. Emotional intelligence will also join the list and become a top skill ranked at number six. By the year 2020, creativity and emotional intelligence are both projected to be included on the list of the top 10 skills—proving a shift in professional priorities and processes.


Creativity and emotional intelligence both indicate an emergent approach to creative leadership. This emergent approach combines openness and expressiveness, exploration, design thinking, and often times a culture that carries the environment of a start-up. Creativity and emotional intelligence allow for a more personable and alluring online presence. By incorporating emotional intelligence and creativity into already thriving business practices, these skills have the potential to help create a holistic approach to attracting and retaining customers.


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