The Importance of Backlinks in Your SEO Strategy

March 3, 2023

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The Importance of Backlinks in Your SEO Strategy

It can be difficult sometimes for any business owner to navigate the murky alphabet soup of digital marketing terms. Acronyms like SEO, SERP, and PPC have earned their rightful place in the lexicon that encompasses SEO strategy, but anyone running a busy company will admit that it is often difficult to add one more item to their endless list of tasks and goals.

Enlisting the assistance of a digital marketing agency can eliminate the mystery and complexity of incorporating search engine optimization and associated online tools by creating a plan that drives more visitors to a business’s website. One such worthwhile tool is the use of backlinks to build authority and credibility with consumers who are searching for your products and services. While an agency usually has a vast toolbox of backlinks SEO resources to generate traffic, a business can also directly participate in the strategy by adding a few options to the mix.

Baffled by Backlinks?

They are not as confusing or as inaccessible as they may initially seem. Quite literally a backlink can connect a visitor from one website to another. Fortunately for a business owner, this link is a useful pathway that drives consumers directly to their site. The potential to convert these visitors into paying customers supports the value of using backlinks.

Backlinks offer more than a mere connection from one website to the next. They can lend credibility to a business by capitalizing on building brand awareness and establishing an authoritative presence in a highly competitive marketplace. All brands are jockeying for position in a crowded online universe. Directing consumers to a website is paramount to boosting sales, but if utilizing backlinks from a well-respected source directs people to a business’s site, its trustworthiness and integrity can help reinforce the validity of the search and hopefully subsequent purchase.

Backlinks create website visibility which in turn brings more traffic. A company website becomes easier to find in online searches. It is important to note that backlinks are not necessarily “the more the merrier” in terms of SEO strategy. While the concept of using many backlinks may seem to support that traffic will increase, the reality dictates that quality is preferred, especially when trying to achieve higher Google rankings. A few relevant backlinks shaped by exceptional anchor text will prove to be more successful in driving consumers to a website than oversaturating the marketplace with backlinks that have little meaning. The moral of the story is, “don’t look spammy!”

Best Practices for Earning Backlinks

Think of earning backlinks as gaining referrals. Suggestions are made to direct visitors to a website. Potential customers who are doing targeted searches want to be led to the best sources of information for their inquiries. But how are these referrals generated?

  • One way to increase visibility is for a business to create a guest blog post that includes a link back to their site. Remember- the topic must be relevant, and the anchor text of the backlink must be natural, that is, it must seamlessly fit into the content. For example, a blog site may post about the latest trends in healthy lifestyle cooking. If a business is a natural food store then earning a backlink from a guest post on the blog can drive traffic from those people interested in purchasing natural ingredients.
  • It can be advantageous to cultivate partnerships with established connections. Communicate with suppliers or other partners to incorporate a backlink in their content that refers directly to the page you indicate. This backlink referral can be easily reciprocated so everyone wins.
  • Commenting on relevant blog posts as well as social media pages like Facebook and Instagram and then including a link back to your website is an easy method to attract a wider audience and introduce them to your products and services. Business owners should stay up to date on those pages related to their own company and make the case that their brand is the next place to land in any meaningful search.
  • Adding your website as a backlink for directories, guides, lists, and other publications can ensure that your business is included in the same category as your competitors and just as accessible.
  • Do not forget to keep up with the trends and marketing strategies of your competitors. This includes following their social media pages and being alerted to any new content on their websites. Use your competition to find out what backlinks they are using and then determine if they are credible links to pursue.

The importance of SEO in eCommerce to attract new customers cannot be overstated. Everything from targeted keywords to earning substantive backlinks helps to expand brand awareness, establish credibility, and impact rankings in search engines. A concerted marketing effort using relevant backlinks will drive consumers to become loyal customers. Make sure you know how your SEO strategy is using backlinks to boost traffic to your site by consulting with your digital marketing agency today.

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