The Locator 911: DevDigital Develops a Lifesaving Mobile App

February 15, 2022

Posted by: DevDigital

The Locator 911: DevDigital Develops a Lifesaving Mobile App

When you are involved in an emergency and require assistance you dial 911 expecting police, fire, or EMTs to arrive within minutes, but life-saving time can be wasted if emergency responders can’t determine where the call originated. The longer it takes to find the right location, the higher the risk a medical or other emergency issue turns into a tragedy.

The Locator 911 mobile app and its corresponding light bulbs can eliminate this potentially dangerous consequence. DevDigital, a Nashville-based software company, developed an iOS and Android app that solves the problem of not being found during an emergency.

The Locator 911 was conceived by a group of first-time tech entrepreneurs. Partnering with DevDigital, The Locator 911 is now available as a cell phone app used in conjunction with a remotely activated light bulb that helps first responders find the exact location of an emergency.

It removes the guesswork when first responders are trying to find critical situations in both populated urban areas as well as in remote rural locations.

Features of The Locator 911 include:

  • A wirelessly controlled light bulb placed in recessed lighting that changes colors from red to blue to white and pulses to call attention to the location. The app automatically activates the light bulb while the 911 dispatcher talks to the user
  • You can add family members or friends to your app alert to make them aware when you have hit The Locator 911 emergency signal. Those individuals will instantly know that a 911 call has been placed from the primary user’s home.
  • One app can control multiple bulbs. This feature can be invaluable if emergency responders approach an address from two or more directions or if you don’t have an ideal location for one bulb.  

Jonathan Harrison, CEO of The Locator 911, and his partners created an idea that is a game-changer for public safety and emergency response time. It took collaboration with DevDigital’s mobile app development team to make an idea a reality that has the potential to benefit everyone in any community.   

 " We asked for a simple app that people could use and a dependable app that could be trusted.  DevDigital delivered what they promised us in The Locator 911.  They will remain that vital team member of ours throughout our journey to bring The Locator 911 to every home.”

 DevDigital values their clients as more than just the owners or inventors of a product or service. The personal impact of DevDigital partnerships was more than evident as Kimberly Smith, Chief Business Development Officer explains.

“This was my first deal I closed with DevDigital that was more than a “closed deal” for me. I had a personal passion to help them take this public.  If my friend would have had this resource years ago, her toddler’s epileptic seizure would not have ended with a fatal outcome. She lived in a rural area in Kentucky and the paramedics couldn’t find the right home. If she had The Locator 911 app to send a signal to the paramedics when they arrived at this remote area, her daughter would still be here today playing with my daughters.”

DevDigital can take your mobile app idea go from the smallest seed of an invention to having a viable working product. If you have an application to create, contact DevDigital now to schedule a time to talk about combining your ideas with our skills. 

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