Uber Displays

December 21, 2016

Posted by: DevDigital

Uber Displays

DevDigital is the technology partner of the innovative company, Uber Displays. The DevDigital team has helped develop the technological components for this flourishing mobile advertising platform.

Uber Displays manufactures LED displays that are featured on the backs of buses. This company does not only create displays, but they also pride themselves in creating visual communications solutions. Every company tells a story and Uber Displays helps companies tell the right story to the right audience. They do this through the creation and implementation of a mobile advertising platform that allows companies to have their ads placed on city buses. The work of Uber Displays allows companies to have their brand advertisements seen by a wide audience. For marketing and communications teams, Uber Displays is a great company to work with.

DevDigital has worked to create the technology needed for Uber Displays to upload and push each ad to the designated buses. The system that has been developed allows buses to display a number of advertisements on LED screens that are located on the backside of each bus. The LED screens not only feature ads, but they also provide free WiFi to riders via GPS devices. What really sets Uber Displays apart, though, is its capability to display highly targeted ads based on bus location and route. Companies are able to reach their desired audience in an efficient and memorable way through Uber Displays.

In addition to ad displays, the LED screens on each bus will also display emergency alerts as needed. This public service reiterates the efficiency and visibility of Uber Display ads. DevDigital and Uber Displays have developed a revolutionary system that will transform the ways that companies are able to advertise and interact with target audiences. For more information or to work with Uber Displays, visit their website.

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