What is the Content Your Audience Actually Buys?

April 29, 2015

Posted by: Mitch Ballard

What is the Content Your Audience Actually Buys?

Content Marketing

I found this slide presentation which was produced by Jon Lombardo, Content Marketing Lead at LinkedIn and previously the leader of GE’s Social Media Online presence.  The title of presentation caught my attention “Thought Leadership: The Content Marketing Your Audience Actually Buys. The reason it caught my attention is because I think most of the content online is a bunch of junk and most of us populate our web sites with content that really only matters to us, the sellers.

Most of today’s content on the web has become bland content that only matters to the sellers  but it does not carry any meaning to those that matter the most, the buyers.  The author of this presentation calls distinguish seller content as “blue pills” and seller content as “red pills”.


Sellers can pump out “blue pills” all day long because that is what they talk about all day long.  The sellers marketing departments say they need content so they hire content people who can talk about the seller’s product all day long and get rewarded for doing so.  They can’t talk about anything unique, original, innovative or conversational that may engage the buyers because well they simply don’t know how.


At DevDigital we know that though leadership is difficult. Why? Because few people are considered thought leaders.  So how can we collectively, you and us, collaborate to create more thought leadership and subsequently breakout and create more “red pills”?  If we can collectively define what are the “red pills” DevDigital can build it for you.

We hope you enjoy the slide presentation and we’ll look forward to hearing your “Red Pill” Ideas ☺



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