Interview with Good Friend Tanner Adams, Owner of Gloco Sound

April 27, 2015

Posted by: Grant Owens

Interview with Good Friend Tanner Adams, Owner of Gloco Sound

Interview with GlocoSound Founder Tanner Adams We are so excited that GlocoSound is coming to Nashville. What made you choose Nashville to be the first Gloco-Select City?

T- Nashville is “Music City.” That seems deserving of consideration to me. Being involved in the music industry for the past several years, I discovered that on top of a huge music scene, Nashville is also home to one of the most tight-knit communities I’ve ever experienced. Everyone knows someone, who knows someone in the music business -- and that sense of networking and full community support, makes it an ideal place to launch GlocoSound. That’s what GlocoSound is all about. – Where did the name Glocosound come from?

T – GlocoSound is simple. It stands for Globally Connecting Sound – which is exactly what we’re doing. – For anyone who isn’t familiar with GlocoSound, could you tell us a little about it?

T – GlocoSound is THE music-oriented social networking site that is geographically amplified. It is the best of video sharing, social networking and business connecting.

But, it’s much more than that.

GlocoSound allows users to create a personal profile with video; a chance to be seen and heard. All of this can be finely tuned to a specific GlocoSound Select-City, which makes the whole experience much more personal.

Users can upload covers, originals, or anything else they want. If a visitor likes the video, they may visit the artist’s profile page and request a connection, which would allow the two parties to chat. Networking is such an important part of furthering your goals and GlocoSound allows for a very unique way of connecting. The possibilities are endless.– Wow! What a great concept. How much does it cost to join?

T – GlocoSound is absolutely FREE! I believe anyone should be given the opportunity to open their own doors.– What are the long term goals for GlocoSound?

T– As I stated before, I want to Globally Connect Sound.

I love music. I love all music, and I think everyone’s music is so unique and cool, that it should simply be shared.

I believe that giving artists a platform to work together towards their individual goals is exciting. GlocoSound is that platform and I want to watch it happen! Imagine entire cities being connected, not just with each other but across the globe… writing new songs, creating music together, becoming stars, performing shows, making friends – all through the simple love of music. I’m excited to watch the big world of music become a much smaller place.– It’s all so exciting. I know you’re starting with Nashville, what is the plan for expanding to other cities?

T – First, we’re focused on Nashville and we will completely connect Music City and make the network there stronger than ever before. Then, our plan is to go where we are needed. We are just going to listen to the people. I have an outreach team in place to field email requests. Whenever someone reaches out to and tells us that GlocoSound would be a benefit to their city, we will immediately start reaching out to individuals and groups in that city. The entire project is driven by the people. My team and I are just overseeing the process. We will expand at the pace of the people.– It sounds like you really want people involved. Are there any other ways of communication between the GlocoSound team and users?

T– Yes! At the bottom of the homepage, there is contact information and my team is always available to communicate.– What are you most excited about?

T – I am really looking forward to watching people use this website as a springboard to build relationships and launch their careers. Right now, people are somewhat limited to endless video posting hoping someone notices. It seems so random. GlocoSound puts your future in your hands and allows you to connect with people who can help your dreams come true, big and small.

And, being able to follow local musicians through status updates will give the fans a sense of connection that is difficult to achieve through the social networks currently available.– That’s great. When is the drop date?

T – It’s going to be available to the public on June 2. The really cool thing is that we’re giving a very limited number of local musicians a chance to create a profile before it goes public. This is going to be a great chance for these musicians to have maximum exposure – and be the first to help us launch the new site. As soon as it drops, they will be the first artists available for viewing. Any musician interested should send an email introducing themselves to If they are chosen, they will be given directions on creating a profile and they will have some time to get it ready for the public.– That sounds like a great opportunity to be a part of the next big thing. I think I can speak for the entire city when I say we are really excited to be the first city where GlocoSound is available. Thank you for sitting down with and giving us a sneak peek of what’s to come.

T– Thank you for having me. It’s great to be able to share a little of our excitement. I know this is a game changer and I can’t wait to help Nashville artists shine!


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