What is UI/UX and Why Is It Important for Your Website or Mobile App?

December 1, 2021

Posted by: DevDigital

What is UI/UX and Why Is It Important for Your Website or Mobile App?

A good user experience is vital to the success of your new mobile app. Good advertising and some search engine optimization will generate sales, but good user experience/user interface (UX/UI) matters too. These design elements can create a good experience or a bad one, depending on the early decisions that you make. Keep reading to learn more about the value of good design and how it affects your apps popularity. Most of the tips and suggestions here apply to Web pages as well.  

The Importance of Good Design 

Any digital product needs to be easy to use, according to whatever standards the target audience would apply. This rule applies to cloud-based software, web directories, mobile phone apps, and so on. Spending a good deal of time on design is going to pay off in more engagement.  

For a mobile app, this means more people who download the app will use it regularly. App users who love the experience are going to leave good reviews in the app store, which raises your profile. Websites that are easy to use make visitors want to hang around, submit an email address, share a page with a colleague, and so on.  

The Basic Elements of Good UI/UX 

Some basics have to be there for any mobile or web design to appeal to users. Start with the code that runs the app. It has to allow for fast page loading and response. As with mobile apps, slow web pages turn people off, so your code needs to run quickly over any decent Wi-Fi connection and on older computers. 

The second most important aspect of your design is the look of the pages. Are they well organized and logical, as seen from a customer’s perspective? Sometimes, a simple and logical design for a business owner confuses web visitors or bores them. If your app is business-oriented, you can go with a utilitarian design that is fast and stable, but for most consumer apps, make it fun to look at and use.  

You can make user navigation easier by using conventional design elements. If you have a slideshow, it should work like slideshows on other apps. If you have a quiz or poll, make sure interaction works the same as it does on other sites. Be creative with things like branding, colors, and language. Be conservative when designing the workings of various elements in your app.  

Consistency also counts. This rule applies both inside the app and across your online presence. Design elements need to reflect the same tone throughout the app. The branding should reflect, if not copy, your website. Any variations should be there for good reason. This rule also applies to the language, the tone, and word choices should match up unless there is a good reason.  

We Are Design and Development Experts 

DevDigital has 20 years of UI/UX experience helping companies design strategies and create great-looking sites that visitors will enjoy using. A good user experience encourages people to hang around and ultimately become customers. We will talk to you about your vision for the site or app and map out a strategy or design and development. Visit our website to learn more about our strategy and design experience.   

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