Before You Hire A Pro, Here's What You Should Know

January 3, 2022

Posted by: DevDigital

Before You Hire A Pro, Here's What You Should Know

If you plan to create custom software, whether a cloud-based enterprise app or a simple mobile game, projects have lots of moving parts. You can try to save money by hiring freelance developers, but then you still have to consider testing, hosting, and support. Later, you have to hire someone to continue maintaining and enhancing the platform. Hiring a software development firm with experience in your industry is a smarter move for several reasons.   

Advantages of Full-Service Software Development  

Hiring a custom software development firm can save money over time and simplify the process. You also gain the advantage of having a strategic partner familiar with your custom software.   

  1.  Access to a diverse set of technical skills – Your team may need new skills to complete a project or to maintain the finished product, or both.   
  2. Cost savings associated with outsourcing expensive technical work – Experienced programmers and UI/UX designers can become expensive. Ramping up and then slimming down internal employees to meet the company’s business needs will also produce more work for HR and staff.   
  3. Expertise in turning your business requirements into software streamlines the process and reduces the risk. The vendor also does the project management and quality assurance work.  
  4. You get a project manager who mitigates risks and manages resources during the project to keep the project on track. After the project that person can serve as a resource through a product’s lifecycle.   
  5. The payoff in terms of money saved and risks avoided will make outsourcing to a company the logical choice for many firms. How do you select the right software development company?   

What to Look for in a Custom Software Developer  

The things to look for can be boiled down to experience, technical skill, and industry expertise.   

  1. Ask for referrals and read reviews. Try to speak with previous clients about their experience with that company. Would they recommend the company to others? Some of your contacts in the business community may be able to recommend the company they used for a recent software project. Read online reviews.  
  2. Review their past custom software projects. Look for experience in your industry and with your type of project. Deep experience with mobile apps doesn’t necessarily translate to skill in creating cloud-based software. Experience in your industry translates to experience with common business requirements, risks, and more.   
  3. Look for experience specifically in UX/UI design. You need to ensure your product has a user-friendly interface so potential users won’t be turned off by confusing menus and needless complexity.  
  4. Find out about their software testing process. The company should routinely do regression testing and unit testing. You should expect to be involved in user acceptance testing, beyond just being asked to check and make sure everything works as intended.   
  5. Consider the future need for patches, updates, and hosting. If they have a track record in the business, they are more likely to be around to support your software when it needs to be patched or upgraded.   
  6. Ask about their project management processes. You want to know how they manage risks, costs, and time. You also want to know how they communicate when something goes wrong.   
  7. See if developers or technology managers are active in developer communities. Employees who are actively learning about, talking about, and using the best new tools and methods are likely to deliver better work.   

Outsourcing your custom software development will pay off in money saved, time saved, and risks avoided. A company with a track record of success in your industry with projects like yours will be much better equipped to deliver a successful product. DevDigital has completed over 2,000 custom software projects in a variety of industries, so we know our team can deliver for your company as well.  

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